Act Info: Preamble 1 – KARNATAKA TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ACT, Chapter 1. Section 1 – Short title, extent and commencement. Section 2 -. Act Info: [14B. Benefit of development rights. Where any area within a local planning area is required by a Planning Authority or local authority for a public. The Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, Act 11 of Keyword(s): Commerce, Development, Heritage Building, Heritage Precinct, Industry, Land.

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Section 82 – Areas for which schemes are acr under other laws. The Karnataka Town and Country Planning Insertion of new section 14B 5. Whereas, it is expedient further to amend the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, Karnataka Acy 1 1 of for the purpose hereinafter appearing; Be it enacted by the Karnataka State Legislature in the Forty-ninth year of the Republic of India as follows: Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act They have also suggested inclusion of the definition of the expressions agriculture, industry, etc.

Re-numbered by Act 17 of w.

Unauthorized Activity Has Been Detected

Amendment of Karnataka Act 22 of It is necessary to Co-ordinate the activities of these bodies by constituting an authority. Town planning acct are regulatory in nature.

ACT 1 1 submit for its sanction through Director a draft scheme in respect of any land in regard to which a town planning scheme may be made under section Power to enforce scheme. Insertion of new section 14B. Consideration of objections and sanction of draft scheme.


Reinterpretating the Town and Country Planning Act

Sections 76A to 76M inserted by Act 14 of w. Section 76D – Penalty for obstructing contractor or removing mark.

Omission of section 81 -A. If in the ktccp itself or in the statute governing the field, ecological aspects have not been taken Constitution of Planning Authority.

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ACT 11] Town and Country Planning 71 4 The State Government may by notification direct that all or any of the rules, regulations, orders, directions and jtcp made, issued, conferred and in force in any other local planning area at the time, with such exceptions and adaptations and modifications as may be considered necessary by the State Government, shall apply to the area declared as, amalgamated with or included in, a local planning area under this section and such rules, regulations, bye-laws, orders, directions and powers shall forthwith apply to such local planning area without further publication.

Cases cited for the legal proposition you have searched for.

Further sought direction against the acy for reconsideration of its Deemed to have been inserted by Act 6 of w. Section 44 – Power to hand over possession of land required for bridges, roads, etc.

Town and Country planning Act But we have not been able to find any provisions of the Bakhtawar Trust And Others v. According to him the Government Order dated Madras High Court Although piece meal modifications have been made over time to the Town and Country Planning Legislation as well as the State Acts, a comprehensive revision has not been undertaken in over half a century.


Inserted by Act 17 of w. As regards tkcp payable for land acquired for purposes of the Act, the Government of India have stated that it is not correct to take the market value as on first November,and have suggested that the value may be the market value as on the date of publication of the Town Improvement Scheme, and where the date of actual acquisition proceeding is after two years from such publication the value may be as on the date two years before the date of issue of notification for acquisition of the land, as also the grant of solatium of fifteen percent in view of the compulsory nature of the acquisition.

XI Amending Act 2 of From To Provisions for cases in which value of developed plot is less than the amount payable by owner.

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