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PowerWear Catalogue – orangeroads

This mat is already obligatory at many races. Case carrier system is required for mounting or the pillion grab handles supplied originally.

When coating or repairing surfaces that are still wet, leak or are under water, apply pressure until adhesion begins. PowerParts Tanks Vent hose. According to PDM, PJPS’ loyal followers will use social media and grassroots efforts to spread the word and “evangelize” the screenings in their towns among friends, family, the community and the motorcycle industry to pre-book the local theatre for special screenings of PJPS. SpareParts Kits Other Thread insert 14×1.

Contains all parts required for removing the side stand Adapter cable for the side stand switch prevents malfunctions in the vehicle electronics. Bag with Quicklock system for easy mounting. Follow us email facebook twitter instagram Google Plus youTube rss.

The volume of the bag kktm approx. SpareParts Kits Valve jtm Valve kit. Keeps water out of the silencer during cleaning. Ergonomic; contour matched to the shape of the hand for maximum comfort Small “half waffle” ribs on the rear for secure grip Made from two materials with different grades of hardness Available in two versions soft and medium Three areas for the metal safety wire.

Lock body machined from high-grade aluminum Premium quality, orange anodized surface finish Bolted directly to the brake caliper High-strength steel pin slides directly into the holes in the brake disc No vehicle movement possible when powedwear Risk of a fall when riding off, having forgotten to remove the lock, is reduced to a minimum No dismantling possible when locked Cannot be used with “Wave” brake disc A motorcycle grip rubber not included can be fitted to the grip.


If you want to improve your rear view, this is the solution for you. The inner side has a soft lining. Poweraear in at 5. This shim kit includes all the valve shims you need for setting your valves in a neat box. PowerParts Brakes Special parts Brake bleeder screw. High-quality U-lock made from hardened steel with a double locking mechanism.

Together with the KTM soft ties, your bike is perfectly secured on the way to the next racetrack. Manufactured from high-strength T6 aluminum – the world’s strongest aluminum. The KTM outdoor bike cover guarantees perfect protection all year round.

Patented RoadLoK technology provides you with the most effective and elegant option for protecting your KTM from theft. SpareParts Kits Wheel repair kit Front wheel repair kit. Bleeding the brakes or changing the brake fluid is completed in a matter of seconds, even on your own: Can also be fitted in combination with the PHDS-handlebar support. New, three-colored design Set for front and rear wheel Pre-cut stickers.

KTM recommends checking after every offroad use or after powerwaer of road use.

Hardening commences after 5 to 10 minutes. For longer trips, we recommend this opwerwear low-wear, QStE steel sprocket. Easy accessible and convenient way to keep your electronic devices charged. Only for use in combination with Akrapovi?

2013 PowerWear Catalogue

SpareParts Kits Oil filter kit Km filter kit. PowerParts Carbon Street Clutch cover protection. The optimum solution for always having the most important tools to hand when on the road.


This means extra power! Recommended, very practical, high quality tool to help you twist safety wire Protects the fork from damage in the event of a crash. Much to his chagrin, however, TSA agents refused to let the fork legs and shock pass inspection—and Club team rider Ryan Kudla found himself in the same boat.

Gathr can also facilitate screenings in a wide array of venues such as libraries or community centers, all you need are seats and digital projection capabilities. Holds the tire in the tire bed, thereby making tire fitting much easier. If you only look at the off-road motorcycle scene, HJC Helmets might not even be on your radar as far as helmets go, yet since HJC has been one of the top helmet brands in the United States.


Includes rotating PVC cover that protects the cylinder lock from dirt. For legal reasons, not to be used in some countries for storage and transportation of gasoline. The 2-component foam core ppowerwear long-lasting comfort.

Fuel-proof for tank and carburetor venting, approx. Cut off the required amount and knead for approx. SpareParts Kits Other Thread insert 8×8. The clutch kit contains everything 201 need to repair your clutch. PowerParts Footrests Side stand removal kit.

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