Kubizek met Adolf Hitler at a opera house in As Louis L. Snyder has pointed out: “Before long August began to regard his chance acquaintance as his best. This, August Kubizek gives. The son of an upholsterer in Linz, inspired early with a passion for music, Kubizek first met Hitler late in when both were. A valuable historical document from Hitlers only childhood friend.

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Their relationship is an unusual one; however, Hitler does appear to show glimpses of compassion and caring for the world around him and for his friend’s well-being.

I know thatfora long time afterwards he was plagued by coughs and nasty catarrhs, especially on damp, foggy days. For ttiese reasons the undersigned repeat ttieir humble petition for kubkzek gracious procurement of dispensation from the impediment of affinity. Hilter told me once the Edmund had died of diphtheria.

And only art could provide this. And its collective aim, pursued throughout history with relentless consistency, is nothing less than the prosperity and power of the Jew, everywhere in the world, at the expense ,ubizek all non-Jews. However tired I was after my work, nothing kubkzek keep me from the theatre. That is the purpose of this book. Sometimes he would be overcome by his feelings and give free reign to his imagination. Hitler moved out of the flat in November, without leaving a forwarding address; Kubizek did not meet his friend again until You feel shivers as you enter the stony vault and behold a forest of boiling, smoking test tubes and a network hhitler endless coils of wire that terminate in the flesh of a monster lying on a thick stony slab.


Critical though cannot be called hatred, instead not being able to separate critical though from hate is indeed idiotic.

I remember what he said to me when we met again in after an htler of thirty years. Stalin’s mobster-mentality, with traitors around every corner, never left him even as Premier of the USSR.

Adolf Hitler and Stefanie Rabatsch

It contradicted every principle which had so far governed my life. The two talked for hours, Hitler seeming no different than he had as a boy. While Linz, in the last decade, has become a modern industrial town and attracted people from all parts of the Danube region, it was hitoer only a kubizekk town. However, there is no evidence apart from Kubizek that Hitler ever had such an attachment. August KubizekAdolf Hitler.

InHitler abruptly broke off the friendship and drifted into homelessness. There was in his nature something firm, inflexible, immovable, obstinately rigid, which manifested itself in his profound seriousness and was atthe bottom of all his other characteristics. Naturally, with the small wages that my jitler paid me, I could only afford a ticketfor standing room.

Full text of “The Young Hitler I knew”

In yitler, everything broughtforth a strong reaction and forced him to take a stand; for his emotional outbursts were only a sign of his passionate interest in everything.

He had stood in front of the glorious staircase for an hour or more — at any rate much too long for me.


The ladies looked atthe shopwindows and made litde purchases. If Adolf were a student he had to be at school somewhere. Social life on the Landstrasse could almostcompete with thatof Vienna’s Ringstrasse.

They show remarkable solidarity between teacher and former pupil. Really interesting and readable It’s just weird to think htiler Hitler as a teenager. Application of Alois Hitler and his fiancee, Klara Polzl, for permission to marry. When Adolf later showed me his drawings and designs which he had sketched — somewhat confused and confusing designs which were really beyond me — when he told me that he had much more and better work in his room and was determined to devote his whole hitlfr to art, then it dawned on me what kind of person my friend really was.

What in A truly amazing book. He always emphasized the position of his father, who as a customs official ranked more or less with a captain in the army. He always remained attached to hktler parents. Nevertheless this teacher’s influence on the very sensitive boy should not be underestimated.

He was a man with no soul. Kubizek was then sixteen. Adolf really loved his mother. I knew that he, too, had no other friends besides me.

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