“The Hitchhiking Game” (“Falešný autostop”), from the second book, is a case in point. Here in miniature one finds Kundera’s characteristic philosophical. In Milan Kundera’s short story ”The Hitchhiking Game,” a young couple, on vacation, spontaneously find themselves engaged in a fantasy ”game,” in which. The “Game,” which begins playfully, turns out to have dire consequences in irrevocably A psychological thriller based on the short story by Milan Kundera.

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The sports car slowed down and stopped close to the girl.

Symbiotic Love in “The Hitchhiking Game” by Milan Kundera | Owlcation

In the beginning the girl is too conscious of her body. On the bed there were soon two bodies in perfect harmony, two sensual bodies, alien to each other. However, by the winter ofincreased efforts at reform were in part attributed to the influence of these same writers.

Kundera was among those whose books were banned from publication and removed from bookstores and libraries. She would repeat this to herself in different ways, but she could never manage to feel it.

Though the male summons compassion from afar and brings himself to comfort his lover kunvera gritted teeth, whether or not their relationship will survive this fateful event remains an open question. As a result kundwra democratic reforms begun in the early s, citizens expressed a desire for even more rapid reform. On the landing below the second floor a group of intoxicated men was standing near the rest room.

The first free elections in 45 years were held inand in the last Soviet troupes hitchhikihg from Czechoslovakia. He blamed himself for this piece of folly, but then became reconciled to it.

This means that the narrator is not a character in the story but is not necessarily omnipotent in its perspective. Of his two works of literary criticism, The Art of the Novel outlines his theory of the development of the European novel, and Tame Betrayed discusses humor in the novelistic tradition, with particular focus on the great Czech writer Franz Kafka.


He looked at her and felt growing aversion to her. The needle was already on empty, when to the hichhiking the young man caught sight of a sign, announcing that the station was a quarter of a mile ahead.

The titles given to the characters, like the title of the story, have deeper symbolic meaning— he is a man but she is only a girl. Slowness was his first novel hitchhioing written in the French languagehitchhjking was Identity He knew that the game was over, but didn’t feel like returning to their customary relationship. Pulling into a gas station, she excuses herself while he waits to fill up.

She felt toward him a brief flash of intense hatred and said, “Aren’t you rather too sure of yourself?

When men stared at her breasts in the street it kunderra to her that they were invading a piece of her most secret privacy which should belong only to herself and her lover. As the two more fully embrace their roles, this shift brings freedom. The girl made a pleading gesture, but the young man hitfhhiking, “You’ve been paid. Kundera is too intelligent to tell a story that is strictly black and white. Matthew AlexanderAnne Le Gendre.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Critics have noted his style of combining fictional characters and storytelling with historical fact.

Milan Kundera was born in Brno, Czechoslovakia, on April 1, The couple makes a decision. She feels she is finally giving the young man gsme she was afraid only other women could give him: The young man feels that he is losing the girl, as she no longer is the idealized version that he has sought to incorporate.

The Hitchhiking Game

Just because it was only a game her soul was not afraid, did not oppose the game, and gaame sank deeper into it. Several times he stopped the car and asked the passersby directions to the hotel.

Milan Kundera ‘s international reputation as one of the most renowned writers of the twentieth century rests almost entirely on the novels he began publishing in and hardly at all on his 10 short stories. Though the lovers are only at the start of their journey, the games they will play have been defined by previous experiences. She was an artful seductress, cleverly knowing how to use her charms. He looked at her and felt growing aversion toward her.


Their relationship, like hitchhiing vacation, provides a respite from their otherwise confining lives. For this reason he welcomed every manifestation of her gaiety with the htichhiking solicitude of a foster parent. Is this her true self?

Like most traps, this one has a release, and it is unexpectedly sprung when the girl puts on the mask of the hitchhiker. He imagines that if she can behave seductively toward him, she must be capable of doing so with other men. This narrative perspective makes the ending of the story that much more sad because, while the reader is aware that the young man now hates his girlfriend, and is dreading the remaining days of their vacation, the young woman still has not realized the magnitude of his changed feelings for her.

If the road they take from the city to the mountains suggests their desire to escape their official selves not only by vacationing but by vacating their usual roles as worker and as daughter, then their turning from the plot of their usual game offers them a new but also disconcerting and even dangerous freedom not only from scrutiny and shame two sides of the same coin but from themselves as well.

Brent has a Ph. Podhoretz, Norman, The Bloody Crossroads: Having been expelled by a communist regime from his homeland, Czechoslovakia, after his novel The Joke was published, Kundera often writes about these issues within a political framework.

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