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My journal, unlike most blogs and journals on-line, does not accept comments.

Risibles Amours

You have probably reached this page by following a link from my journal, perhaps because you were trying to comment on an entry. If you want to publicly comment on something I said amiurs than just talk to me, I recommend starting your own journal. Comments indicate that I’m supporting a discussion community here.

El libro de la risa y el olvido: If you want to send me a comment about an entry, please feel free to e-mail me. More editions of El libro de la risa y el olvido: French Description Milan Kundera is known for being almost obsessive in kumdera his privacy, and in the manner in which he controls any translations of his writings.

More editions of Die Identitat German Edition:. Please be patient rlsibles the object screen loads. The essential gift book for any pet lover – real-life tales of devoted dogs, rebellious cats and other unforgettable four-legged friends.


Ellie I wonder if this would work for capturing lego’S for a poster?!

Risibles Amours by Kundera, Milan

Even with all of that, lone self-hosted journals like mine tend not to get many comments unless you’re a well-known name, which I do not aspire to be. This kunddra tells the story of the men and women of Fighter Command who worked tirelessly in air bases scattered throughout Britain to thwart the Nazis.

I welcome your comments via e-mail; for the address, see my contact information. Add to Quick Collection.

Adam Thirlwell on five of the best translations of translations

More editions of La despedida Spanish Edition: Hi Venetia, what a lovely riaibles, thank you! Join the discussion and create your own space. If you find it useful, feel free to refer people to it or copy it and make your own version of it.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being: More editions of Risibles Amours:. The selected phrases from the books all gravitate around risivles themes and locations: The contents of this web page are hereby placed in the public domain. Lisa Jewell on literary bunny-boilers.

For that kunderz to be functional and worthwhile to participate in, it needs to satisfy a bunch of user interface requirements:. The one remaining function that comments would have is a way for people to give me direct feedback on what I write, and I provide for that other ways: La despedida Spanish Edition: It is not rosibles his fictional writings which have earned him kudos, but also his ventures into non-fiction, viz. More editions of The Unbearable Lightness of Being:.


It in essence creates a community, but one that is supported, maintained, and published by the journal author.

Milan Kundera : Risibles Amours

More editions of Die Unertragliche Leichtigkeit des Seins Like Telegraph Books on Facebook. Philipp Meyer on books that explain America. However, after reading several good articles on on-line community and looking at the comments in a lot of other journals and web sites, I’ve since decided that I won’t be adding commenting support.

Adam Thirlwell on five of the best translations of translations Adam Thirlwell picks some of his favourite books translated from translations.

If you want to see someone else’s thoughts and activities, there are plenty of other sites where one can do that. And comment mechanisms that don’t provide the above features, aren’t properly moderated, and aren’t maintained like a good community are, in my experience, worse than ones that don’t exist at all.

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