Kwaliteitssprong Zuid. Ontwikkeling vanuit kracht. Eindadvies Team Deetman/ Mans over aanpak Rotterdam-Zuid. Werkendam: Avant GCP. Uitermark, J. () . In that time, I’ve travelled further south than Kop van Zuid, the published the report “Quality Leap Zuid” (Kwaliteitssprong Zuid) that concluded. Client(s)/ Commissioning party. Funded by Zuid Werkt! Nationaal programma Kwaliteitssprong Zuid and the European Unie in the context of the FP7-Incontext .

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How Rotterdam Reconnected Its Most Isolated Neighborhood

The thing about Zuid is, the potential in this area is almost incalculable. In September17 public and private partners signed the project plan Zuid Works Zuid Werkt and, beginning in Julyput their promises into practice.

In autumnthe government, community and local corporations signed a voluntary agreement to invest million euros in large housing projects. Inthe safety index rating veijligsheidindex for Rotterdam was a respectable 7.

Facebook Twitter Email 0 Comments. The social challenges, however, mean that these kwaliteitsspdong pioneers must be brave.

Sign up for our weekly or daily newsletter! Last year, implementation of a new program called Career Start Guarantees courses with a job guarantee after completion proved difficult. Still, these things do happen. For Zuid, the rating was 6. Get our newsletters Sign Up Daily Weekly.

How Rotterdam Reconnected Its Most Isolated Neighborhood – Next City

The hope is that together, these improvements can have a trickle-down effect, raising the standard of living and reducing crime across the seven focus districts in Zuid.

Most projects are being implemented on schedule. Eventually, however, a fundamental difference of opinions within the Pact op Zuid team began to slow the redevelopment process. Schools involved in the program have extended teaching hours and 18 of the 34 schools in the focus districts now offer children six to ten hours of extra lessons per week.


In Rotterdam, they mostly happen south of the River Maas.

Inthe Erasmus Bridge was constructed, physically linking the two sides, with the clear intention of socially re-joining the city as well. Job Board View all jobs. For the last two years, the NPRZ has been gathering momentum. Kwalitteitssprong the late s, Zuid developed almost autonomously, with growing concentrations of poverty and crime. Kwaliteitssprkng inhabitants leave Zuid as soon as their financial circumstances make it feasible, leaving the area marooned in poverty.

Nationaal Programma Kwaliteitssprong Rotterdam Zuid

For the entire city of Rotterdam, that figure is closer to five percent. Not a bad deal, if we are willing zid make it. In Zuid, nearly 35 percent of business owners report sometimes feeling unsafe, while in the rest of Rotterdam, that figure is more than ten points lower, at 23 percent.

For the NPRZ to have any effect at all, local residents will need to invest as much as the government. Sign-up for our newsletters Sign Up Daily Weekly. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. By focusing on education, employment and living environment, kwaliteitssprlng neighborhood of Zuid is finding new life. Sign Up Daily Weekly.

Led by the municipality in collaboration with private partners, Pact op Zuid was responsible for a number of projects in Zuid like the Creative FactoryKlushuizen as well as sports fields and school playgrounds. Rotterdam grew on either side of the River Maas in kwaliteihssprong different ways.


This team became the core of the NPRZ and currently focuses on three main areas: According to the research, nine percent of residents in Zuid often feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods. This is no coincidence.

While Zuid currently has 35, homes that need serious renovation, the project will begin with 4, homes within the focus districts. Historically, the north bank held the city center and mixed residential areas. Another program within the NPRZ helps match unemployed residents with suitable work, reducing the number of welfare-dependents and preventing benefits fraud.

Over the next three years, million euros will be invested in renovation, demolition and new construction throughout Zuid. The rest of Rotterdam also has an investment to make: Nearly two decades later, however, Zuid remains a separate entity. The result of this combined effort could be a city that offers the best of all worlds: This year, the NPRZ team members hope to make a number of agreements with private companies to make this attractive plan a reality.

The Dutch evening news rarely focuses on crimes like rape, murder or theft. Artists are attracted by the low rents and unused spaces, while creative entrepreneurs have started some of the best coffee shops and hand-crafted goods stores in the city. The former industrial spaces have a punk aesthetic that is almost impossible to find elsewhere in the city.

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