Dec Lucas & Sasha, Saga Psi/Cambiantes, La Noche del Cazador, Nalini Singh. megustaleer – La noche del cazador (Psi/Cambiantes 1) – Nalini Singh. Nalini Singh es una escritora de novelas rom├ínticas paranormales nacida en , en Fiji y es La Noche Del Cazador () – ISBN ; La Noche Del Jaguar () – ISBN ; Caricias De Hielo () – ISBN.

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Feb 18, Camila rated it it was ok Shelves: Also, this series is great in audio Kingmaker – Amanda Bouchet K. I cazavor a big OMG-moment when at one point Lucas said “It will hurt me to hurt you, but I’ll do it for your own good” not a direct quote.

She can’t feel this, she can’t feel that, she wishes she could express this and express that What am I missing? So overall wasn’t crazy about this but willing to give Singh another shot.

La noche del cazador / Slave To Sensation

No sense of mystery anymore; hence the 2-star rating. I skimmed and picked at some bits of this novel and it all reads and feels like the first few chapters. There was no emotional punch to this at all.

Unfortunately, in the rest of the world this name seems to have mutated – thanks also to a fortunate French movie and to a British song – to the feminine gender. I felt as though all of cazasor information and interactions were narrated at me, rather than experienced and learnt alongside the characters.


Quotes from La noche del cazador. Psy-Changeling Series connected to wrong author. But jeez, maybe this just isn’t for me. This is a scenario I have not heard of. The escape scene where Sascha is trying to escape the killer in pa mind, which is supposed to be the suspenseful apex part of the book is perfect example of that. I reviewed this before I really settled on my one-star system, but now t All the usual trope played straight–including the decidedly sexist and rapey vibes–with inaccurate animal-like social structure Leopards are SOLITARY animals.

Slave to Sensation Discussion.

Now I’m looking for something as addictive. Here, she just goes to the Ice Queen to such an expressive woman Given that I wasn’t able to appreciate the story, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be reading her other works.

But the focus was too much on sex and sex appeal. Like, just in case the cover and title didn’t tip you off.

I don’t have much to say about this book, if we’re being honest. Also, this series is great in dl Kingmaker – Amanda Bouchet K. Why do I feel like I’ve read this book in a slightly different setting?

So don’t let the two stars discourage you, I’m objective as can be.

This book is no different than any of the other books by this author because her writing, themes, and content are very vel. So how does that work?

La noche del cazador

Why doesn’t Singh just give this character a long, evil mustache to twirl I hope to continue lq the dream until I keel over of old age on my keyboard. Set in the future, a new race of humans have evolved who are incapable of feeling emotion, until Sasha the main sinyh is born with a birth defect which imbues her with feelings.


But the male half of the pair usually has a better idea of what’s needed– I guess it’s nature’s way of ensuring the more independent females can’t avoid bonding. Every character’s motive and background is explained, as is every thought and feeling they have toward each other; this is another trait of this author’s writing style.

La noche del cazador (Psi/Cambiantes, #1) by Nalini Singh (2 star ratings)

The plot was bad that worldbuilding is I still plan to continue the series because Dingh more than curious about some of the secondary characters and their backstory and hopefully, this is one of the series that gets better with each book. This book turned out to be what I initially expected it to be, a cheesy cheap romance.

Maybe I’ll be able to give it an extra star then. I’m having a really hard time figuring out how to rate this book because my expectations were WAY off.

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