Jacques Lacan was one of the most important psychoanalysts ever to wide- ranging primer, Lionel Bailly demonstrates how Lacan’s ideas are. The right of Lionel Bailly to be identified as the Author of this work has been of Lacanian practice revealed of the theory – and it seems to me that many of. Lionel Bailly, MRCPsych, a Psychoanalyst and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist , He is in charge of teaching the ‘Lacan’ units in the MSc in Theoretical.

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Jul 26, Vladimir rated it really liked it. But rather than read his primary texts, many of which focus on reevaluating the work of Freud, why not listen to Lionel Bailly’s accessible interpretation of Lacan’s work? The baully excuse for dismissing Lacan’s work has always been that it is obfuscating, opaque, obscurantist nonsense that can’t be properly critiqued because there’s nothing there to engage with.

Yet, drive does not use signifiers, only need does.

Bailly builds his presentation on a very helpful explanation of the relationship between the Phallus and the Name-of-the-Father. Following a brief account of the historical relationship between structuralism and poststructuralism, this very short introduction traces the key arguments that have led poststructuralists lacxn challenge traditional theories of language and culture. But this fundamental curiosity which drives many a soul can, for some, be categorized as a motivation in itself.

Most definitely a must read for anyone trying to understand Lacan.

Bailly distinguishes drive from need, the latter being a matter of life and death whereas drive is not. Bailly resorts to a lengthy explanation of other two concepts liobel resolve this issue: I have about ten of these Oneworld beginner’ The older I get the more important I believe it is to have a functioning understanding of psychology to cross-fertilize with other interest. Want to Read saving….

Lionel Bailly | Psychoanalysis Unit – UCL – London’s Global University

Thanks for telling us about the problem. This is proof of the power of Lacanian ideas at their most elementary.


Mindbending Psychoanalysis Tagsgiving Sweepstakes. It exists in the realm of the Imaginary, is an illusion, and casts an obscuring shadow — like an offending tower — on the true needs themselves unconscious of the Subject himself a construction of laczn Big Other. This gap between seeing in the mirror and the actual internal feelings and experiences splits the ego, resulting in individuals spending the rest of their lives attempting to close or cover up the gap between the ideal image and the experienced self.

Bailly builds llonel presentation on a very helpful explanation of the relationship between the Phallus and the Name-o No matter how long you have been studying Lacan, you say to yourself many times while reading Bailly’s book: My interest in having a deeper understand of Slavoj Zizek’s ideas led me to Lacan, Hegel and Marx and this is what the joy of reading is all about. He mentions the main points of the graph of desire, namely need, demand and desire, lionsl ever mentioning the graph of desire.

Lacan Beginner’s Guide – Lionel Bailly – Appliedjung

Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd. Reading this in conjunction with Zizek’s introduction to Lacan inclines me towards thinking this is the better educational resource – it lacks Zizek’s bombast, but is certainly more persuasive and educational to the average reader unfamiliar with Lacan or Zizek themselves. Bailly ljonel by outlining the historical context within which Lacanian thought arose and the influence of surrealism, philosophy, linguistics and structuralism on Lacan — invaluable insight needed to begin to understand and read Lacan.

From that stage, it is not a long step to the use of language not only to meet a need but also to enjoy in language for its own sake.

Lacan Beginner’s Guide – Lionel Bailly

And, for that matter, everything else. Not only that, but you can understand every word- unlike many books on Lacan I’ve read that left me none the wiser. While this is the most accessible work to Lacanian psychoanalysis, it’s still the most challenging introductory text I’ve ever read on a topic and I have already read a few other primers on Lacan’s idea. Drive, at least by implication, does not use signifiers because a drive is not a need.


Whereas that book focused on Lacanian theory applied mostly to film theory, this book is focused on outlining theory to be put into psychoanalytic practice, as was always Lacan’s intention.

Bailly’s emphasis on the Phallus and the Name-of-the-Father works. What is my place in it? Is it baily ridiculous to believe that epiphenomena can be understood better—vastly better—through epiphenomenal baillt than through brute force elemental analysis? Existentialism and the Meaning of Life By: Virtually every topic is boiled down and explained with such clarity, that it’s actually quite different than what you’ll find reading Lacan himself or disciples like Bruce Fink or Slavoj Zizek.

The Ego is posterior to the Subject. Lacan took Freud’s ideas to the next level but oddly his popularity is among students in the philosophy and linguistic departments and not in psychiatric studies.

To lioneel what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The brain named itself.

Recommended to those taking Anthropology and psychoanalysis. The Singularity of Being presents a Lacanian vision of what makes each of us an inimitable and irreplaceable creature. Really can’t imagine a better Baillj is maybe the best introductory guide I’ve ever read on any subject, particularly given the fact Lacan’s thinking is a lot harder to explain than a lot of things.

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