Jodidarachi Nivad – Laingik Shikshan (जोडीदाराची निवड – लैंगिक शिक्षण) in Marathi by Anil Bhagwat – Download ebook on. – Buy Laingik Shikshan – Jababdar Vartanasathi – Marathi Version of Responsible Sex Education book online at best prices in India on – Buy Laingik Shikshan book online at best prices in India on Amazon. in. Read Laingik Shikshan book reviews & author details and more at.

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Din’t you know olden age women’s were dying while giving childbirth lack of medical facility and now due to the knowledge and facily like Cesarean section many lives shikshqn One has to know how to live healthy and live happily, live long.

Shukshan, Congratulations to you and thanks a lot for your such dedicated efforts. Another feather in the cap. Thank you very much for your valueable gift to the society. May the Almighty bless you a long healthy life and you write many more books which will lead an individual to a good and healthy life. By reading books only able to take perecaution. Wilson Sun, Dec 4 Congratulations Dr. Simon Crasta Tue, Dec 6 Mr.

Some basic information on old age sex is provided in this book. Tuje book vachun lokachi bhalaiki bori javchyak kumok janvdi.

Laingik Shikshan

The tips are not only helpful for the seniors, nevertheless also should be beneficial to ones are on crossroads. I hope this book also help all of us specially aged. Malgadyanchi Bolaiki is a precious contribution. Please let me know how to go about it for the prucahse. I salute this doctor who has reached millions of people with helpful tips to live healthy. The initial chapters of the book cover areas of food, diet, workouts, relaxation and sleeping habits.


You may read how people are eager to solve their health problems by doctors’ advice? Roshan Tauro Thu, Dec 1 Dear Harsha Malhotra Its true that we are puppets in God’s hand that does not mean to live irresponsibly and get diseases and suffer.

James Thu, Dec 1 Congratulations Dr. Earlier time people use to live up to years and more Remedial measures have been suggested to these disorders and several other old age related frailty. Edward on the release of your new book. Very intersing comments from him.

People trust GOD even doctor says we try our best then leave it on god. Worldwide, the number of persons over 60 years is growing faster than any other age group. Hope to get my hands on the complete series of the books.

Laingik Shikshan – Google Books

Edward, Hsikshan on the release of your book. They are a real guide to live a happy and healthy life. The book ‘Madhyam Prayer Bholayki’ is a beautiful hand book for all to prevent the ailments of middle age and live healthy even when there are common diseases of middle age.

Edward for this valuable book on Health. Thanks to Stan Ageira for his brilliant review of Dr. You are entirely different in nature with your dedicated service to the humanity.


Laingik Shikshan

If our lives are in God’s hands then why should shishan go to hospital for our physical and mental check up? Medical topics are complex in nature. It has helped thousands of youth to live a responsible life. Doctors rarely diagonise and give the full storey of a patient instead treat the same as the patch work done to the roads in Mangalore.

Laingik shikshan vidyalaya

If they were pessimistic and say,its “God given’ why they try to solve the problems? In fact Doctors rarely give the full knowledge or advice about healthy living to the patients. It looks like even Harsha’s comment is having weight from all angles. Sneha H Wed, Nov 30 Good work sir. Harsh’s comment remind laingi, of ‘kauravs’ and 17 of ‘pandavs’. The number five is famous for Biblical reasons.

The higher level of ageing population is triumph of humanity shikshaj also a challenge to society. It is a complex area that involves your physical make-up, how you think about yourself, and how you feel about others and the society you live in.

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