Lamsa Bible – New Testament. 37 · 38 · 39 · 40 · 41 · 42 · 43 · 44 · 45 · 46 · 47 · 48 · 49 · , based on Peshitta manuscripts. The Lamsa Bible is supposedly a translation of the Aramaic Peshitta Bible, authored by occultist George Lamsa. He was a very sly man. He used as his base text. The Lamsa Bible is a primary English translation of the Peshitta, so since most Americans are not versed in the Aramaic, it’s most likely the believer will.

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Critics of Lamsa assert that he, like many native Aramaic speakers, extend the semantic areas of words beyond the evidence of existent texts. In the same fashion in which the Never Inspired Version performed the same Devilectomy on the text in our time, Lamsa’s literary butchery renders Isaiah’s statement with the following: Because the inspired Word of God is a divinely engineered systematic whole, wherever error creeps in to a portion of the text, it affects adjacent, and sometimes seemingly unrelated, portions of the Scriptures.

Some of the modern Assyrian people speak a modern form of the classical Syriac language called Northeastern Neo-Aramaic. Thus, if Lamsa’s grossly improper handling of the Scriptures was accurate, under the Mosaic law, Ruth the Moabitess would have been off-limits to Boaz in the book bearing her name.

This would, in turn, cause the phrase to translate as “why have you left me? Ironically, in the polygamous old Israelite world, the Israelites did take wives and concubines from the adjacent nations, and it was acceptable if the woman served the LORD.

This verse in Greek manuscripts states that from the Cross, Jesus quoting Psalm This flies in the face of mountains of scholarship pointing to the Greek as the original manuscripts for the New Testament. I am the Lord.

In sharp contrast, George Lamsa was a single audacious man with an agenda, who thought he could do better. Bible translations into English Bible portal.

Archived from the original on No error is random, for every error is Satanically inspired as part of a larger counterfeit Spirit – an intelligent lying power that seeks to link together disparate error into a Frankenstein like Spiritual beast.


Lamsa was a strong advocate of a belief traditionally held pdshitta part of that Church; that the Aramaic New Testament of the Peshitta was the original source text, and that the Greek texts were translated from it. At Christian Mediathe Holy Ghost has taught us that the person pitching the Peshitta to you will also be the one of your acquaintance who always seems to gravitate towards some new variation of false doctrine, the latest challenge to the truth of the New Testament, or some other aberrational development.

To support this they claim that rope, is much more in psehitta with the imagery of a needle, and that it is probably what Jesus said, and what was originally recorded [ citation needed ]. Bible translations into English. In support of this, he claimed that Aramaic was the language of Jesus and his disciples. For you have fallen down to the ground, O reviler of the nations.

Christian Media Research

More data on the Peshitta, and other aberrant manuscripts may also be found in Satanic Translations: Scriptural and archaeological evidence indicates that sacrifice of children, through burning, was associated with the ritual of Molech.

It reveals nothing of the early stages of the Peshitta’s development which is a matter of controversy. And about the ninth hour Jesus cried peshigta a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?

Please understand, the issue here is not whether or not a person believes race mixing is acceptable, the issue is, if you seek to make the Scriptures conform to your individual point of view, you have committed yourself to the Spirit of Antichris t. Although the passage is initially addressed to the metaphoric “king of Babylon,” the prophet’s 14 th chapter clearly addresses the Devil by the name of Lucifer in connection with his fall from heaven: Some places in Lamsa’s translation differ from the Greek texts used as the basis of other English-language Bibles.

This would mean Matthew In the book of Amoswe find the prophet plainly associates the name Moloch with the religion that had become commonplace in Israel: Lamsa’s work is filled with errors, texts where he missed the primary meaning, outright bias, and what can only be considered to be the fruit of the poisoned tree that is the Aramaic translation itself.

Lamsa Bible – New Testament

Where many scholars hold that the sources of the New Testament and early oral traditions of fledgling Christianity were, indeed, in Aramaic, the Peshitta appears to have been strongly influenced by the Byzantine reading of the Greek manuscript tradition, and is in a dialect of Syriac that is much younger than that which was contemporary to Jesus.


This is a fundamental thou shalt not, telling the Israelites they are not to follow the deity known as Moloch or Molech also related to Milcomand what will happen to them if they disobey this primary commandment. Articles containing Syriac-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from November Though in fact the Peshitta does not have four lines in this verse.

This approach willfully perpetuates a basic confusion of language, since Aramaic and Syriac come from different centuries and areas although they are closely related Semitic languagesand is based on uncritical treatment of the Peshitta, a Syriac version of the Gospels. My God, my God, for this I was spared! Witness the fact the wife of Moses was a Midianite Exodus 2: The ancient Aramaic translation traces to Syria, and its supporters claim it is the original New Testament.

With the financial backing of another benefactor, Mrs.

Lamsa Bible

For instance, the identity of Molech is very important, for it is part of a key passage that helps to identify the Luciferian power that became so firmly entrenched in ancient Israel.

He eventually published the complete Bible as This is a typical manifestation of the Spirit of Antichristfor that Spirit always seeks to diminish the full depth of Christ’s work and deity in His human incarnation.

Branhamevangelist and personal friend to Lamsa [12] has said:. Retrieved from ” https: This view is based on the work of George M.

English-language translations of the Bible. While Lamsa’s claims are rejected ;eshitta the academic community his translation remains the best known of Aramaic to English translations of the Lamxa Testament. In short, that person always resists the truth of the Holy Spirit and the true Word of God. The result was the abomination known as the Lamsa translation.

The “high places” were locales of worship, as opposed to some heathen harlot’s bed, as posed by Lamsa’s outrageous version.

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