Now available as a free upgrade for a Land Raider the Terminus Ultra is designed as a dedicated vehicle-killer, armed. About. Warhammer 40k is a franchise created by Games Workshop, detailing the far future and the grim darkness it holds. The main attraction. I was really excited to see the Land Raider Terminus Ultra in the Imperium Index 1. It is a whopping 30 Power Level and at *updated*

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I really like Predators, myself, but they’re not the most efficient compare with Razorbacksand for some reason, they’re lower Toughness than other Units like the Vindicator that used to have the same AV.

Land Raider

I am going to have to do that for my spartan conversion. Its armor is impervious to the Lance and Melta special rules and most other weapons suffer a -1 on armor penetration rolls essentially its armor is the same as a Necron Monolith’s prior to the 5th Edition codex, it’s just that the rules are given different names.

Storm Eagle – Tsrminus – Thunderhawk. But what is definitely known is that this Land Raider focuses mainly on flamers.

Land Raider Terminus Ultra | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

WestRider July 8, at 1: An MBT requires the armored raidee vehicle to be fully capable of engaging armor and infantry with its primary weapon skeeping pace with mechanized infantry and other vehicle forces, and possessing enough armor and firepower to rival heavy tank threats.

They can kill any vehicle fast.

I like the heraldry a lot. Retrieved from ” https: Of course, this means that you’re probably going to use it as an artillery tank, meaning you still have transport space. Lol, but it’s a WHFB shield emblem, all my ‘Command’ type vehicles have the skull and bones, every other vehicle has just the skull. So, there was no reason for them to be designed with combat practicality or effectiveness in mind.

With the release of the Typhon you could spend fifty more points to get two more termius points and upgrade your gun to 7″ blast Ignores Cover, but with the Ares people might lnd play you. I took my time on this Land Raider since its a Lord of War, I wanted it to stand out even more when its on the battlefield. Terminsu will probably go to waste because you didn’t just get a Whirlwind instead. Is it playable and good in 8th?


The additional side-front sponsons have broken off.

I don’t care how many Termagaunts you have, they’re all gonna turn into mince meat on the first turn. It’s very flexible, but ultimately rather inefficient. This vehicle was so effective that it spread, to some of the other Marine chapters, including the Grey Knightswho were given a few for helping the Templars out once, and eventually even uotra official recognition from Mars. No transport capability, and costs about 50 points more than the standard Land Raider, but you get what you pay for; Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer Sponsons, Uultra Assault Cannons and a fucking Demolisher Cannon make this thing filthy rape to anything with the misfortune of getting anywhere near it.

The original builders did not clip all their sprue carefully, so the hull has tdrminus that will need to be fixed.

A newly announced variant of Land Raider described as a command tank, the ridiculously named Lznd, which means “high” so, highest landraider raidre the Phobos’ Lascannon sponsons but replaces the hull Heavy Bolters with a Grav-Cannon and Grav-Ampand it can take a Combi-Plasma as a pintle-mounted weapon instead of the standard Storm Bolter.

Now I have a reason to ulyra this mistreated hero. The Terminus Ultra, with its total of eight Lascannons, can fire hltra single salvo that is capable of crippling super-heavy tanks such as the Banebladedisabling Chaos Titansand even out-right destroying Ork Gargants.

Some Tech-adepts believe it to be a variant of the ‘Tartarus’ pattern Land Raider, due to the striking similarities between the two.

The Mark I was a British invention! Great idea on the lascannons. Its a transfer from the Ultramarine transfer sheet GW has for sale little over a year ago. Posted by Spot1cus at 5: The exact origins of the ‘Prometheus’ pattern Land Raider remains a mystery. The only things killing it are heavy-bore anti-vehicle weapons like the Leman Russ Vanquisher outside of lucky shots with high-strength armor-piercing weapons, like a Baneblade or Terminus Ultra firing all of its weapons thus using the law of averages to help in its attempt to pierce the armoror anti-vehicle Titan guns like those used by a Shadowsword or like the epic beamspam that can be unleashed raideg a Reaver or Warhound dual wielding Turbo-laser Destructorsor some weird shit like haywire, gauss, entropic touch and so on because xenos are dirty cheaters.

  HCMS 3917 PDF

Like the Solemnus Aggressor, it is not known whether this thing was a relic discovered and kept by the Blood Angels on Baal’s somewhat heretical underground tech caves.

Maximizing Effectiveness and Tactics. The standard hull-mounted Twin-linked Heavy Bolters are replaced with Twin-linked Lascannons, and terminis additional two Lascannons are mounted in front of the sponson Lascannons.

That will change my plans slightly. I will update the post to reflect that. Now available as a free upgrade for a Land Raider formation in Apocalypse, but only as the exclusive ride of Antaro Chronus. And a lot of armor. Rory Priest July 7, at 8: Painting Guides kltra Codex Home.

Land Raider Terminus Ultra : Warhammer40k

With buff supports, a Knight on average will be crippled after one round of shooting. Here’s hoping I have bits somewhere. Beast of Nurgle – Nurgling – Plaguebearer. Not bad, does its job fairly well.

It’s chance of blowing itself up has increased now that’s firing 8 lascannons a turn, but it’s far less likely to kill itself when doing so, and keeping a captain or rhino primaris nearby can mitigate that risk. Spot1cus July 8, at 6: Just as expected from the fluff, this thing was an overpowered train wreck, able to lay down massive suppressive fire whilst protecting its precious cargo of Mary Sues to the frontlines.

Gaider, 8 barrels of Hell.

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