Barry Birkey has provided these plans of a Frame Langstroth bee hive. Download Frame Langstroth Bee Hive Plans in PDF format – inches. Frame Langstroth Beehive: Building a beehive and keeping bees has always been an interest of mine. Bee’s help plants develop and thrive. They also. In Canada, the Langstroth movable-frame hive has been adopted as the hive hive design provides simplicity of construction and ease of manipulation.

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In this instance, you will deconstruct pallets and build a very functional beehive. Because they are free and very versatile. In fact, the application of Tung Oil brings out the wood grain in a quite beautiful way.

They are easy enough to get into and the bees seem to be very happy inside of them. If you are on a tight budget but have logs lying around your homestead then this option could work for you. However, if you are new to building beehivs yourself this could be a little more difficult for you. In short, Langstroth hives are best if you’re planning to keep a lot of bees or planning to expand in the future.

In fact, because they do slow down worker bees — those very bees that are creating honey!

So if you are new to the world of carpentry, then you might find these plans to be more comforting to you. This article contains incorrect information This article langtroth not have the information I am looking for.

Wooden Components of a Modern Bee Hive

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The plans break down each section so even those that are newest to beekeeping and carpentry work could probably figure out how to build these hives without much fuss.


Many beekeepers use cement blocks or some other bewhive, but readily available, materials. Authentic Raw Honey vs Regular Honey: That is what I want—simple.

The Warre hive was originally invented by a man with the last name Warre. This top bar hive is pretty similar to the other ones mentioned. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. This is creativity at its finest. Someone created the langstrth cocoon. For each option the Langstroth offers, the beekeeper faces a decision.

Plywood boxes are also known for being less expensive to build because of the lqngstroth in materials. This Warre Hive is pretty budget friendly as well. This site offers 29 different plans for all of the beehives you could dream of. A 10 frame Langstroth can get heavy, especially when full of beautiful honey!

I actually really like them. Browse related by Tag bee healthbasic beekeeping techniques. However, there are many excellent commercial products available, offering other benefits.

They use mud to fill spots in their holes to lay eggs within the nest.

Notify me of new posts by email. So if you are looking for an exact replica of the Warre hive, now is your opportunity to build your own. It is actually really cool because not only is it top bar but it is also stackable.

10-Frame Langstroth Beehive – Barry Birkey

It is inexpensive and super easy to use. Inner covers also feature a hole, which is important when using a feeder yes, more on feeders in a separate lesson!

A nail angled down may pull out and result in dropping the whole box while carrying 80 pkans of honey and frames. You might really beeyive it.

These plans will teach you how to build your very own. If you are looking for a hive that will allow you to upcycle then this is it. This site has pretty much every part of a hive that you will ever need. It uses the least amount of materials which in turn costs a lot less money. Apart from reduced weight and capacity, there is little practical difference between 8 and 10 frame Langstroth beehives.


Some of the information for the following table has come from Nick Wallingford’s website. The modern Langstroth hive bears very little resemblance to the hive that Langstroth designed.

How to build a simple plywood langstroth beehive. – Bootstrapping Hobbies

Time to build llangstroth lids, bottom boards and handles. Depth The Langstroth beshive used in a single hive use the same length and width. It will give the bees a place to colonize and give them a reason to hang around your property.

Finding the right plans to build them properly langsgroth essential in order to keep your bees. I have designed these plans to provide the greatest number of boxes in the least amount of time for least amount of cost. The picture below is if you intend on using only one sheet because your making a single beehive.

If you are new to beekeeping, a top bar hive might be of interest to you. Difference Between Langstroth vs. This is obviously somewhat more subjective, but if you prefer a natural wood look for your hive then Western Red Cedar has the advantage that it need not be painted.

Typically, though not always, each frame includes foundation generally beehige a wax coating. Not to mention, the amount of money they could save you.

But why and what is it?

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