March 20, The Cascadia Wolves series books have gotten a titled: ENFORCER, TRI MATES, WOLF UNBOUND and STANDOFF) — all. For every wolf, there’s a mate out there. So Tracy Warden is thrilled when she discovers Nick Lawrence, the sexy Enforcer for another Pack, is her mate. The complete series list for – Cascadia Wolves Lauren Dane. Series reading Tri Mates / Wolves’ Triad. Paranormal Reluctant / Reluctant Mate: A Novella.

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Surprisingly because menages aren’t my favoriteI think this might be my favorite in the series, at least so far. This story is so much more than that and I was happy ti, that was the case both with jealous sister-in-laws poking their noses in where they aren’t welcome. Sign me right up. To me, he was the strongest of the triad forming the foundation they needed to weather the storms that were upon them.

It would have been 4 stars but that ending! Tracy falls for Nick pretty quickly and their bond cements fast. Tracy laughs at the couple and makes a comment about them still being in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. Gabe, the mediator between the packs, agrees to be her laurren bond and then the unthinkable happens— instead of an anchor bond forming, a true mate bond forms and suddenly Tracy finds herself mated to not one but two strong alpha wolves.

The title appears above the forest and wolf silhouette as well as the authors name, both in fonts that match the other books in the series so far.

Nick was way too self absorbed to be an Alpha man in my mind. But sometimes lucky wolves get to double dip in the form of the extremely rare Tri-Mate-Bond.

Cascadia Wolves Series by Lauren Dane

The way the Pack works and their “nature” is different from all the others in this genre that I’ve listened to. I realize they’re tied to the mating bond, but when the “I Love You’s” are thrown out 5 minutes after meeting it rings false. Where the hell is the ending? I laurem crazy about Pack Enforcer for a lot of reasons, but primarily because of a lack of characterization and because the world Review written: Good for you Tracy.


The Cascadia Wolves series follows the Warden siblings as each finds a mate.

I did cascadla to see a mating gone wrong in Ben and Sarah because that’s not something wolvws is often showcased in pnr. The immediate chemistry felt by the people who are meant to be mates is also pretty fantastic. I also liked the older man younger women theme.

Really enjoyed the three main characters, they were great together. Suddenly Tracy finds herself casccadia two alpha males whose hunger for her never seems to wane. May 20, Holly rated it liked it Shelves: Then I re read Pack Enforcer and again my opinion hadn’t changed about the book nor my rating of danr. I like the fact that Tracy is so badass and doesn’t take crap off of anyone. Refresh and try again. Brother and Enforcer to the Alpha of the other wolf pack that they are in mediation with.

Plus, as villains go, Sarah and Ben are pretty cookie cutter. Sign up for Lauren’s book alerts below and get notified when she has a new one out. The ending was so abrupt I went back twice to make sure I really was at the end. The second one the fact Gabe Murphy has been contacted by werewolves from the other pack expressing their concerns.

There were times that I didn’t ,ates Nick or his lack of defense of her against certain members of his pack.

Cascadia Wolves Series

I thought Nick was going to be more casvadia but it was as if he felt the connection too. During border negotiations with another pack, Tracy discovers that Nick, an enforcer for the rival pack, is her mate. For this review and more, check out EDGy Reviews You can feed this entry.


Tracy truly has one heck of a roller coaster ride of emotions in this book, from the thrill of finding her mate, to the confusion of feeling the same about a second wolf. In fact at one point in this book, a guy not liking Milton and not being so willing to adapt to include the beloved dog nearly has his relationship on a possible downward spiral.

When you also add in pack politics and some intrigue happening not only on a pack level but in the National Pack itself, things get twisted and convoluted fast. Parts of the story are not made clear enough and most definitely are cleared up by the end leaving you with more questions tfi you started with.

Especially after the idea of the tri-bond thing, i didnt think Laurej would like this but damn it! And when I sent a message to Lauren Dane it was unanswered so does anyone know why it was taken off line?

Gabe is drawn to Tracy, but he doesn’t understand the connection. Dec 16, L M rated it really liked it. Tracy is the youngest in the Warden family so has plenty of older siblings to look out matfs her. Cascadia Wolves March 20, Gabe, now laursn I really liked but he wasn’t given enough page time. Tracy Warden is a kick ass take control don’t fuck with me heroine and that’s my favourite type.

Dane pays a lot more attention to the dynamics of the relationships between her characters, which is finally gratifying. There seems to be a major problem brewing that will affect all the packs.

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