Volevo dire che ho tradotto in italiano il testo di questa leggenda, se può servire posso inviarla, però è senza figure. Ho convertito il file francese dal pdf a doc. A lot of text, best to know the language. How Difficult is it? nging, but rewarding. Game Type, Cooperative | Campaign. Game System, Legends of Andor. Le Leggende di Andor | La Tana dei Goblin. Discover ideas about Legends Of Andor. Thames & Kosmos Legends of Andor: Base Game, Multicolor.

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Finn’s Games 6 Dr. It is owned by users. Switch to mobile style.

It is in the wishlist of users. The Heroes are up to their ankles in mud when they recognize the stout silhouette of Garz the merchant dwarf. Information on the site can change dj any time. He wants to share a disturbing rumor. If ordered, arriving in approx: Per risolvere ho copiato il testo italiano sul file doc in francese e ho stampato.

Leggende di Andor La scorta del re | La Tana dei Goblin

The King must not pass by the castle before that. If he is on the mine, you can continue reading. The shopping cart is empty. Seefahrer player exp.

  CNR UNI 10012 PDF

The King looks pale and exhausted. The world seemed to be more peaceful. With the “Apple” games you will receive a playcard4 with a value of 4 euros to spend in the next order within 60 days.

Will their heroes roam the land completing quests in the name of glory, or devote themselves to the defense of the realm?

Le Leggende di Andor

Click here to leave a review. It is id the cart of 10 users. They led him into the hall of the cave, the throat of the mine. However Brandur knelt and began to speak in a low but firm voice Will their heroes roam the land completing quests in the name of glory, or devote themselves to the defense of the realm?

With the “Strawberry” games you will get free shipping to Italy no matter the total of the cart is. High Society – Reiner Knizia’s. When the Narrator reaches ,e on the Legend track, the King must be on the mine. To protect this game are necessary: Purpose of the Legend: I am trying to redeem my past mistakes and regain the confidence of the dwarves to better prepare Andor for the dangers that lie ahead.


This title is also known as. The narrator does not advance the legend track either. When the creature loses willpower points, not only does the creature lose the difference between combat values, but immediately falls to 0 willpower points.

In the end, the players must endeavor to guide the fate of Andor through their heroic actions, bringing a happy ending to their epic fantasy tale.

The heroes can enjoy a few days rest before honoring the promise made to the dwarf king and discover the secrets of the mine.

The king is not in the castle. The King works like a normal peasant tile, it is moved by the hero.

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