Le Ménagier de Paris a été imprimé aux frais et par les soins de la Société des Bibliophiles françois. Il en a été tiré vingt-quatre exemplaires sur grand papier. The Good Wife’s Guide (Le Ménagier de Paris). ‘You said that you would not fail to improve yourself according to my teaching and correction, and you would do. Le Menagier de Paris. After these matters it is desirable to tell you of various general terms relating to cookery of any quality, and then you will be shown how to.

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And if it is not thick enough, strain fine flour or rice, which has been boiled, and add a taste of verjuice, and add a great amount of white sugar. To the Beauvais concierge, four francs: Item, with the pheasant from which you remove the tail, save back two or three feathers for when it is roasted, but serve it with them.

Then separate the liquid from the solid, and put the liquid aside, then fill the pea-pot with warm water and put on the fire and separate a second time, if you wish to have more liquid: And know that cabbages like to be put on the fire early in the morning, and cooked very long and longer than any other soup, and with a good strong fire, and should be moistened with beef fat and psris other, whether they be heads dde cabbage or whatever, except for the sprouts.

Bread is a liaison, and he says after that eggs are another liaison, and one or the other is enough, as he said in the section on ‘cretonnee’. You can tell the age of a hare menagisr the holes under its tail, for it has as many holes as years.

When the meat is cooked, take it out and put the stock in another pot, but be careful to strain out any pot-scrapings or bits of bone; then have parsi yolks beaten for a long time with verjuice and powdered spices, and pour into the pot from above lf stirring, then make your soup.

With pike, we speak of “lanceron”, the smallest, “pike” in the middle, and then “quarrel”, the biggest. Item, partridge must be plucked dry, and cut off the claws and head, put in boiling water, then stick with venison if you have any, or bacon, and eat with fine salt, or in cold water and rose water and a little wine, or in three parts rose water, orange juice and ,e, the fourth part.

Publication Ithaca, United States. Item, you should know that the tongue of an old beef is better than that of a young one, so some say; others say the opposite.

Take cooked freshwater crayfish also means lobsters: Break the shell and throw yolks and whites on the coals or on very hot embers, and then clean them and eat. So it is now appropriate to demonstrate the mechanics of the above foods, but, first, you should know some general terms which you can gather more mneagier by various additions from here and there in this book, that is to say thickeners for soups, such as bread, eggs, starch, flour, etc.


The best roast etc. And first bread browned on the grill, ground and sieved; and at serving, put ve or four pieces of your meat in the bowl and the soup over, mennagier sugar on the soup.

Le Ménagier de Paris – Wikipedia

Torches and candles, ten francs. Item, on a meat day, if you cannot find cow’s pairs, you can use almond milk, and do with pzris meat as above. Again, take almonds, blanch and skin and grind: DORY is prepared lengthwise, cooked in water, or baked, and eaten with verjuice. Item, in Paris the goose-sellers fatten their geese on wheat-flour, not the finest flour nor bran, but that which falls between the two, namely fine or double-milled: And then it is a broth.

Chopped beet-leaves are in season, from January to Easter, and after. And when it is ready, sprinkle over it a spice known as red coriander and some seeds of the paeis with sugared almonds and fried almonds, placed at the bottom of each bowl. On a fish day and in Lent, fry the onions as is told in the preceding chapter, and then put the oil in which the onions were fried and the onions in along with bread-crumbs, ginger, cloves and grain, ground: Beef pies and rissoles, black mehagier, a stew of lampreys, a German meat meangier, a Georgian meat broth, a white fish sauce, menayier arbalester.

Note that the blood keeps well for two days, in truth for three, since the spices are inside. And they are in season from Saint Andrew’s Day November 30 until Lent, and they are only available every three years. Then, have the small guts well washed, turned inside out and all blood removed in a running river, and to remove the dampness, have them placed in a pan on the fire, and stir; then, add salt; and do this a second time, and yet a third time: Menahier, of the bits lf are split into ed slices, make them into chitterling sausages; item, of the meat beneath the ribs; item faggots and other things told above of guts for black puddings.

First, when you grind spices and bread for any sauces or soups, you must grind the spices first and remove them from the mortar, for as you grind the bread it will gather up any spices remaining; thus you do not lose any speck which would be lost otherwise.

Ray must be washed in several waters, then cook in a little bouillon and quartered, then skin and let cool: The red mullet is the smallest and the reddest, and the red gurnet is the thinnest of all and is tan, splotched, and of various colours; and all are the same kind and same flavour. Lampreys, shad, a roast, sweetened milk with crusts in it, Pisan that is Lombardy tarts, cream fritters. A thin pig, for the jelly, four Paris sous; twelve pairs of pigeons for the supper, ten Paris deniers the pair.

Or, take six or twelve eggs and remove the whites and beat the yolks, and fry in oil, and let it be well spread out over the skillet, and cut in lozenges, and each lozenge should be turned over with the flipper, then put on the plate half an omelette fried in the ordinary way and four lozenges of these yolks, and some menavier the sugar parjs fried in the ordinary way. Item, after this, some put them in pastry with lots of onions and chunks of herring or eel and powdered spices.


First, the menagiier which the priest of Lagny had prepared for a dinner he gave for Monseigneur de Paris, the President, Procurator and Advocate of the King and the other members of the King’s Council, amounting to eight bowls [21].

COD morue is not spoken of in Tournay unless it is salt, pariz the fresh is called “cabillau”, and it is eaten and cooked in the same manner as is told below for cod.

Also oysters are first washed in hot water, then parboiled, then they must be partially cooked in menaier pea-liquid so that their flavor will stay in the liquid, and not allowed to froth, then remove the oysters and fry dee if you wish, and put some of them in the bowls, and with the rest make a dish.

This is an enormous chapter containing pages of recipes, menus, and general cookery and household instructions and about 50 pages worth of editorial notes! And anyway, if it should be yellow, should not the saffron be put through a sieve, but it is to be ground and mixed and put thus into the soup; when it is sieved, it is to give color: Andrew’s day [November 30] which is before Christmas, sheep are salted in quarters, by rubbing well with salt, and parix again, and so on and so on, and then piling the quarters on top of each other for eight days and then putting in the fireplace.

The Good Wife’s Guide (Le Ménagier de Paris)

Item, you must also scald those you are going to fry, and they must be floured, then fried, and eaten with green sauce, and put in broth or gravy. TUNNY is a fish found in the sea or salt-pools in parts of Languedoc, and has no bones except the mengier, and has a hard skin, and should be cooked in water and eaten with yellow pepper. And then take sixteen well-beaten eggs, both yolks and whites, and grind and stir in the mortar along with what is already there, then divide in two, and make two thick dr which will be fried in the following manner: The arrangements for supper done this day are for ten bowls.

If you wish to keep an eel, make it die in salt, and leave it there for three full days: Roast, freshwater fish, saltwater fish, a Savoy broth, a larded gruel of jellied eels. Here follow all the special names for the offal of a pig, which are sold lw the triper’s for seven blancs.

Green herb, eight sous. Have the piglet killed and its throat cut and let it be scalded in boiling water, then skinned:

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