Le vie dei canti di Bruce Chatwin. 6 likes. Book. Le vie dei canti di Bruce Chatwin. Privacy · Terms. About. Le vie dei canti di Bruce Chatwin. Book. 6 people. Le vie dei canti (Biblioteca Adelphi) by Bruce Chatwin at – ISBN “La domanda cui cercherò di rispondere è la seguente: Perché gli uomini. , Italian, Book edition: Le vie dei canti / Bruce Chatwin ; traduzione di Traumpfade: the songlines: Roman / Bruce Chatwin ; aus dem Englischen von.

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Then set up a personal list of libraries from your profile page by clicking on your user name at the top right of any screen. The author didn’t give me much imformation about the aborigenes. Chatwin never claimed that his work was true.

The Songlines

For cornbread, one must be born in the South, or at least have a Southern Mamma. As in “In Patagonia” Chatwin reports about one of his journeys, a meandering quest, not in Fireland this time but in Australia where he went looking for the key to the Aboriginal-culture. PaperbackGli Adelphi 78pages. This leads me back to the condemned mission hypothesis I mentioned earlier. The truth was perhaps just a little too prosaic for Chatwin.

One has the impression that they represent the routes of the first Australians — and that they have come from somewhere else. I’m curious that Chatwin considered this book fiction; perhaps by today’s standards we’d brand it “creative nonfiction” the “creative” part being perhaps invented or doctored dialogue, some bending of facts to get at a more truthful narrative, etc.

It was the first time in his career, but not the last, that conversations and characters which Chatwin presented as fact were alleged to have been fictionalised. Chatwin paints a vivid, if very shallow picture of the inhabitants of the outback, but is often close to simplification racist white trash vs.

Because I have never been to Australia this book was a songline in its own right for me. The “songlines” were a sort of Aboriginal GPS.


I got so frustrated with this book that I began to scan it and once I got to beuce notes chapters toward the end, I gave up. I found Chatwin meandered.

Australian by birth, the son of a Cossack exile, with all the strength and warmth of his inheritance.

Bruce Chatwin is all around, and his seemingly easy way to gain the confidence of the Aboriginals wasn’t really credible to me. Chatwin quite delicately at least to my eyes approaches the description of the Aboriginals although xei frequently come across as eluding understanding, before Chatwin starts to comment on his narrative.

The wandering words of a wandering writer. To call it non-fiction is an absolute lie.

Until pageit was a well-written – if uninteresting – book about life for Aboriginals in Central Australia. Going back to Cain and Abel, myths and archeology point out that ever since man first pursued a sedentary life and created the villages and monuments we prize in museums, there has continued to exist the nomadic people who just may b Chatwin invests everything in this moving account of his research into the Songlines of Australia.

What it really is is This is a rambling, discursive, ultimately brilliant exploration of territory, nomadism, and the the dek of violence in humans.

Le Vie dei Canti

But it becomes worse: As a book, this is a rather strange concoction, but that is to be expected from Chatwin. This is a book that is a personal response to whatever it is for white people to think about nomadic peoples with layers of meanings.

Here where the people who, he felt, were closest in their traditional nomadic lifestyles to prehistoric man, cut off from their traditional routes and as a result dying in every way as though the circulation of the blood in the body and the person through the landscape were one. Lists with This Book.

Only the italicized chapters let me down, partly because they seemed to pull the book This book is three things: But school kind of killed that for me and I hate not reading something that I vir, no matter how boring it is. Whether he got his facts straight about the whole concept, I don’t know.


It would be better for all parts to involve an editor in the process. Open to the public Book Italian Show 0 more libraries There is a huge difference between bad and boring. He writes in such a compassionate way about the people he comes across in his travels, he has a way of explaining and understanding histories and events that is so intriging to me.

Seldom is there a book that strikes at the core of your being. Chatwin’s worldview, based on Rousseau and amateur anthropology, does not appeal to all and the book has been controversial for his sometimes-fictitious accounts of the Aborigines. And, in the end, Arkady failed at getting the natives to ‘hand him’ chxtwin Songlines.

Maurie rated it did not like it May 13, Chatwin was working on a number of new ideas for future novels at the time of his death from AIDS inincluding a transcontinental epic, provisionally titled Lydia Livingstone. When Bruce and Arkady pull up in the Toyota to meet people who are scheduled to meet them to visit the next community, they find the people asleep in the heat of the day.

Le Vie dei Canti by Bruce Chatwin (1 star ratings)

If I was to give this book a rating today it would be a very low one, but possibly my reasons dk this could justify rating it very highly as well view spoiler [ but since I don’t rate books on the whole this is neither here nor there hide spoiler ].

Even less, if you consider that most of what you encounter of the natives is seen through the distorted cornea of the European. Later, however, residents in the region contradicted the account of events fhatwin in Chatwin’s book.

Too long, naive and for the most part annoying.

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