C. W. Leadbeater IL PIANO ASTRALE: IL SUO SCENARIO, GLI ABITANTI ED I FENOMENI Traduzione di Silvia Cecchini e Ezio Sposato. The drawing and painting of the Thought-Forms observed by Mr Leadbeater or by . shall classify and arrange these, he inevitably plunges into the astral plane. a church organ or by a military band than when it is performed upon a piano, . c. w. leadbeater (E-kitapları) C. W. Leadbeater. E-Kitap. Youcanprint. – 7,26 TL Il Piano Astrale – Suo Aspetto, suoi Abitanti e Fenomeni Parapsicologici.

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Let us not, as did the men of Atlantis, take advantage of them for selfish and personal gain, but let us take care that as we obtain greater knowledge and greater power it is always directed by greater love, so that we may learn to use it for the development of humanity and for the good of our fellowman. Some Objections to it.

C.W. Leadbeater – Il Piano Astrale

Christ meets him with the usual reply, which would have been given by any of the great teachers: It represents the feeling of a man upon meeting a friend from whom he has been long separated. It is simply that he is younger, and we should no more blame him for that than we blame a child of five because he is not astraale ten.

It is called An Outline of Theosophy, and in it I give three great basic truths, certain corollaries which follow from them, and then the results which in turn proceed from Theosophical belief. Questo implica invariabilmente la conoscenza di qualche arte magica- sufficiente in ogni caso a proiettare il leafbeater astrale.

This symbolized the mental body, and the power definitely to function in it.

To one who pjano, there is the greatest solace and the most powerful incentive to right living in the profound truth of our unity with the Divine; yet that very truth has been offered as an excuse for the grossest sensuality by the unevolved among the Vedantins.

What it produces in the mind-body which it influences is not merely a thought of an order similar to that which gave it birth; it is actually the same thought. The upper form represents a state of mind which is perhaps even more harmful in its effects, for this is the gloating of the successful gambler over his ill-gotten gain.

This theory makes no attempt to account for the inequalities in earth-life, and offers precisely the same heavenly reward to all of the small number who are supposed to attain it at all, quite irrespective of the amount of suffering endured here.


For example, a man who yields himself to thoughts of impurity may forget all about them while he is engaged in the daily routine of his business, even though the resultant forms are hanging round him in a heavy cloud, because his attention is otherwise directed and his astral body is therefore not impressible by any other rate of vibration than its own. Identify each web page that allegedly contains infringing material.

Page 67 Those who have seen the splendid radiance of all which pertains to that mental plane, who have noticed the innumerable vortices produced by the ceaseless emission and impact of thought-forms, who remember that brilliant yellow is especially the colour which manifests intellectual activity, will acknowledge that this was no inapt representation.

Copyright Office website, http: Nevertheless, there were definite degrees in the Mysteries, and the man who entered pledged himself to remain silent as to what he saw.

It has long been known to those who have given attention to the question that impressions were produced by the reflection of the ultra-violet rays from objects not visible by the rays of the ordinary spectrum. Articles on the subject are appearing in papers unconnected with the Theosophical Society, and a medical specialist [1] has collected a large number of cases in which the colour of the aura of persons of various types and temperaments is recorded by him. The radiating vibration, therefore, will be a complex one, and the resultant thought-form will show several colours instead of only one.

In order that it may be clear to you that there is in reality to opposition between Christianity and Theosophy, let me put before you the basic principles of the latter Page 15 ; that you may not suppose that I am clothing them in an unusually Christian dress for the purposes of this lecture, I will quote them from a little book which I have recently written for beginners in this study.

A man should believe not because he is told that such and Page 90 such a thing is true, but because he sees it to be inherently reasonable. The Appreciation of a Picture.

c. w. leadbeater : D&R’da | D&R – Kültür, Sanat ve Eğlence Dünyası

A Tale Of Irish Famine. When people do begin to think, they invariably begin to doubt, because modern theology does not present its doctrines reasonably, and so they soon find that many points are irrational and incomprehensible. We need your help to maintenance this website. Though I must quote occasionally I will do so as little as possible, but shall try rather to give you my own impression of this great religion.

Three Types of Force. All that we can do at the best is to represent a section of the thought-form; and those whose faculties enable them to see the original cannot but be disappointed with any reproduction of it.


Naturally at this time the Prince, like his father and all other inhabitants of India, belonged to the great Hindu religion; and consequently it was to some of the leading ascetic Brahmans that he went for instruction and guidance in this new life. In it, as in them, the monks are vowed to poverty and chastity; but there is this decided advantage in the Buddhist rule, that no one is permitted to take vows in perpetuity, as is done in the Christian orders.

C.W. Leadbeater – Il Piano Astrale – Free Download PDF

We notice you are using a browser version that we do not support. Through this medium he looks out upon the world, and naturally he sees everything tinged with its predominant colours, and all rates of vibration which reach him from without are more or less modified by its rate. From that period his resolve to live the spiritual life grew stronger and stronger, and though in due course he married Yasodhara, and had one son, Rahula, at last the time came when in his twenty-ninth year he definitely abandoned his princely rank, leaving all his wealth in the hands of his wife and son, and betook himself to the jungle as an ascetic.

An artist, however, may derive from a picture a leadbexter of an entirely different character, based upon his recognition of the excellence of the work, and of the ingenuity which has been exercised in producing certain results.

Sometimes a theosophical lecturer sees many of these yellow serpentine forms projecting towards him from his audience, and welcomes them as a token that his hearers are following his arguments intelligently, and have an earnest desire leeadbeater understand and to know more.

It seems that each of these short lines represents a leadbwater of music, and that the irregularity of their arrangement indicates the succession of these notes; so that each of these crooked lines signifies the movement of one of the parts of the melody, the four moving approximately together denoting the treble, alto, tenor and bass respectively, though they do not necessarily appear in that order in this astral form. A strong vortex is formed by a feeling of deep sadness.

The Rationale of Apparitions. Presently this new church acquires property, and thus vested interests are established, and considerations entirely foreign to the true religious spirit and often indeed entirely hostile to it are inevitably introduced.

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