Lean on Me (Masters of the Shadowlands Series Book 4) and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible. She’d given up finding a true Dom when her friend finagles her a place as a trainee in an exclusive BDSM club with the powerful Shadowlands Masters. Read Lean on Me (Masters of the Shadowlands 4) Online, Read Page 10 of Lean on Me (Masters of the Shadowlands 4), Free Novels Online, Read Book.

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Lean on Me

After a second, she strode forward. She gave the Dom a polite smile and walked out of the club.

shqdowlands It turns out, he’s actually the most sadistic Dom so far. Lack of fleshed out non-BDSM moments. My Liege of Dark Haven. And I’m pretty much left wondering when he’ll get a story because this book certainly didn’t feel like the Cullen that I got to know over the course of three previous books.

Lean on Me (Masters of the Shadowlands #4)

Andrea is excited to think she may have finally found a place where she can actually find a Dom. Instead of the suspense subplot like in the previous book, the obstacle here is the heroine itself.

Vanessa had left early. After catching Marcus’s gaze and nodding, Cullen dropped into a chair by the chain station. He wants Master Cullen to accept Andrea into the Shadlowland’s sub trainee program.

Oct 10, Dina rated it really liked it Shelves: That was cute and entertaining. On occasion, we review books we have purchased with our own mw or borrowed from a public library.


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Please let this guy be better. Master Cullen didn’t move me as much len his novel as he did in the other books. Having said that I would read another Masters book as the environment was comfortable and familiar. She wanted this, though, to do this kind of thing, right? Love the Masters of the Shadowlands! Okay, Cherise Sinclair is official on my auto buy book list as of now.! Quite a bit of skill on the part of the author I’d say. Get our posts in your reader!

When you hear BDSM books, you think sex.

Lean on Me (Masters of the Shadowlands, #4) by Cherise Sinclair

I understand her reasoning–by giving someone that kind of power, she gave them an opportunity to hurt her emotionally. I wanted more for Cullen, Shadowlands’ hot and hilarious bartender.

Andrea startled, and her drink sloshed over her hand. Andrea and his story was great! I was always wondering what shadowlanda of sub would bring Cullen to his knees pun intendedand Cherise Sinclair shadowlqnds made it right between them, they are alike in some ways when it comes to family, but mostly different.

Maybe non-Spanish speakers don’t notice, but those of us who do know the language can tell shadiwlands that there is nothing less authentic than a bilingual character mixing up both languages when speaking to someone who only Liked the characters, good story, hot read.


She is fiercely independent and so she never allows herself to give up the kind of control necessary to let a Dom truly dominate her. Master Cullen sees these traits as rather annoying and is pissed so he decides to push her to the brink so she will quit because he has no shqdowlands for disobedient and mouthy trainees. Knights Of The Shdaowlands Book 3.

The editing was definitely better than the first three. Not dark, more of a true blue. Since he walked onto the page, he’s the kind of character you want to know more about.

The technical and meticulous nature that was given to detailing these scenes took all of the emotion and personality so to speak out of it. That left Cullen’s ass hanging out now. Over the past month, none of the scenes she’d done with Doms had worked out.

Andrea was too stubborn, too self-conscious about her “poorer” background, too insecure Privacy Policy Click here to review our privacy policy.

Her best friend since she could remember. Her eager responsiveness to him alone makes her harder to resist. But as he ruthlessly intimidates her, punishes her, then comforts her, his glimpses of the woman inside the emotional armour intrigue him and her utter surrender captures his heart.

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