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The density specific impulse of 14 hypergolic ionic liquids with various oxidizers has been theoretically evaluated and found to be higher than 102559 conventional fuel, UDMH.

New Journal Of Chemistry

Rodrigo Montecinos, Margarita E. Cobalt complexes as functional models for phenoxazinone synthase showing the influence of both first and second order coordination spheres on the catalytic activity and important intermediates in the ESI mass spectrum providing better information on the mechanistic pathway.

Sergio Antonio Fabris Editor, This article reported reduced graphene oxide—carbon dot embedded molecularly imprinted polymers for sensitive and selective electrochemical sensing of rutoside.

This paper proposes a strategy to synthesize NiCo 2 S 4 via a hydrothermal reaction combined with a post anion-exchange reaction that was used directly as an electrode in supercapacitor and quantum-dot sensitized solar cells. Experimental and DFT studies of disubstituted 2- 2-hydroxyphenyl benzothiazole-based fluorophores synthesized by Ej coupling. Reversible solid-state thermochromism of a 2D organic—inorganic hybrid perovskite structure based on iodoplumbate and 2-aminomethyl-pyridine.


Reusable iron lej nanospheres towards promoted photocatalytic and electrocatalytic activities. 10295 this work, we demonstrate a competitive surface-enhanced Raman scattering SERS immunoassay for multiplexed detection of clenbuterol and ractopamine. Hydrophilicity and anti-fouling modification of polyethersulfone membrane by grafting copolymer chains via surface initiated electrochemically mediated atom transfer radical polymerization.

Soliman and Ammar N. Facile construction of reduced graphene oxide—carbon dot complex embedded molecularly imprinted polymers for dual-amplification and selective electrochemical sensing of rutoside.

Two new regioisomeric star-shaped tris N -salicylideneaniline s are synthesized and characterized. The band structure and photocatalytic mechanism for a CeO 2 -modified C 3 N 4 photocatalyst. Gopi, Araveeti Eswar Reddy, M. Kulkarni and Prashant S. Who is online Users browsing this forum: An increase in the Ti content significantly improves catalyst durability pei to its effect on Cu dispersion and the basicity of the catalyst.

Vivek Anand and Raghavachari Dhamodharan. Functionalized nitronyl nitroxide biradical bridged one-dimensional lanthanide chains: Simultaneous detection of clenbuterol and ractopamine based on multiplexed competitive surface enhanced Raman scattering SERS immunoassay.

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Fabricating an optical assay plate from e-waste and demonstrating its applicability towards one-step assays. Photophysical properties of quinoxalin-2 1 H -ones: A new activatable fluorescence probe has been designed and synthesized for inorganic phosphate detection in buffer and live cells. Nitrile hydrogenation using nickel nanocatalysts in ionic liquids.

Rohita and Venugopal Akula. Theoretical performance evaluation of hypergolic ionic liquid fuels with storable oxidizers. A quaternary molten mixture was prepared to be a heat storage medium with a low melting point and high thermal stability.


Who could help me? The atmospheric fate of 1,3,5-trimethylbenzene is determined by OH-radical addition, and subsequent bicyclic peroxy radical ring closure and ring breaking pathways.

A series of films with excellent antimicrobial properties is prepared from QACs bearing hydrophobic tails and a polyurethane acrylate prepolymer via one-step UV curing. Sky-blue phosphorescence from bis- and tris-cyclometalated iridium III complexes bearing carbazole-based dendrons: Pandey and Rampal Pandey. A polymer hydrogelator mixed with a water-soluble electronically conductive polymer exhibits thixotropy due to the hydrogelator although each component at low concentrations does not exhibit this behaviour.

Schofield and Tobias Gruber. Capacitive performance of ruthenium-coordinated polypyrrole. A heterogenized chiral imino indanol complex of manganese as an efficient catalyst for aerobic epoxidation of olefins. Patra, Ennio Zangrando and Dipankar Datta. New Journal Of Chemistry. Calixarene based nanocomposite materials for high-performance supercapacitor electrode.

A ratiometric fluorescent probe for sensing sulfite based on a pyrido[1,2- a ]benzimidazole fluorophore.

Ytterbium III -catalyzed three-component reactions: The present article combines fullerene chemistry lek phosphine-based Pd catalytic systems to report new palladium 0 —[60]fullerenes as heterogeneous nanocatalysts for C—C bond transformations of aryl chlorides. Patil and Dipalee D. Will be grateful for any help!

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