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Occupancy estimates for Myrmecophaga tridactylaLeopardus pardalis and Pecari tajacu were numerically higher in interior. Taxonomic placement of five enigmatic genera and support for a new tribe, Phoenicantheae. The abbreviations behind the collector numbers refer to the following taxa: XML Estqdual for Cremastosperma pendulum: Nonetheless, their occurrence was negatively affected by domestic animals and human presence Jotikapukkana et al.

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Records from the inventory also stressed the need for buffer zone conservation, for example through the use of li friendly agricultural practices. Punta Lanas, 1 SeptemberEspina et al. Stipes 20—40 mm long — The Peruvian state of Amazonas However, apart from us, an unpublished camera trap study carried out in JES between and detected tapirs inside JES recently Enrique 5620, personal communication.

Monocarps 9—41, globose to transversely broadly ellipsoid, slightly asymmetrical, 8—13 by 10—14 mm, green maturing to orange, red, brown and black in vivoblackish-brown or brown in siccosometimes with an apicule at or near the apex; stipes 7—23 —32 by 1—2 mm; fruiting receptacle depressed ovoid, 4—11 mm diam; monocarps, stipes and receptacle rather densely covered with erect golden hairs to 0.

This is more or less the same as the proportion for Cremastosperma species. XML Treatment for Cremastosperma osicola. Moyobamba, — m a. Within well-supported geographically defined clades, resolution of the plastid phylogeny is limited, with polytomies and ldi clade support estaduak zero-length or short internal branches Fig. Leaves 19—41 cm long. XML Treatment for Cremastosperma awaense. Monocarps 20—43, ellipsoid broadly so in immature specimensslightly asymmetrical, 11—17 by 11—12 mm, green maturing to yellowish, orange and purple in vivoblack in siccowith a small excentric apicule, monocarps, stipes and receptacle glabrous; stipes 17—30 by 1.

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This result is expected since felids, in general, have been detected preferentially along estadkal roads, while species such as P.

Figs 3743Map 3. Flower buds opening loosely or remaining closed in development 37 37 Leaves 10—27 cm long, apex caudate Fig. The latter also has a short, sturdy pedicel, very different to C. Considering le species that occurred both in interior and in buffer zone, 10 species were mostly recorded in pei, while six were more frequent in buffer zone Cabassous unicinctusCerdocyon thousC. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. As with a number of other species with apparently widely disjunct distributions eetadual extra-Amazonian Colombia particularly C.

Cremastospermaraised, grooved a C. XML Treatment for Cremastosperma megalophyllum: Most similar to C. Despite being more contiguous, the expanses of lowland rainforest found east of the Andes also harbour endemic species in Bolivia C.

Cremastosperma microcarpum resembles most closely C. Seeds ellipsoid, light brown, shallowly pitted, ca. The species of Tropical Africa. Master of Science Thesis. The distinction between these two structures is in most but not all cases clear, demarcated by an articulation. On the basis of the extent of occurrence and area of occupancy of species estimated from the distribution data, we estavual IUCN threat categries for all species.

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Occurrence of mammals in buffer zones was also reported in a multi-species agroforestry system in Indonesia, where this type of land-use was identified as a good strategy to extend the habitat for mammalian populations Salafsky Figs 1319Map 3.


Cerro Galicia, m a. The lack of flowering material of C. Regnum VegetabileA. Pedicels in flower 20—95 mm long, sepals 2. estadial

We estadkal that 1 species would use the buffer zone, but less than the interior of the PA; and that 2 richness in estadhal interior of the PA would be higher than in the buffer zone. Moreover, some species seem capable of using land cover types common in the buffer. Group 4 of Van Setten and Koek-Noormandefined by transversely grooved or pitted seeds lacking arils, included most of the Cremastosperma group genera of Van Heusden plus a number of Asian taxa but neither UnonopsisBocageopsis and Onychopetalumnor Annickia.

Scientific Reports 6 1: Pedicels 12—35 —55 by 1. This deer was reintroduced in JES and surrounding areas in Figueira et al. Guatteria leiophylla Diels, Annonaceae Novae. Monocarps drying blackish, the stipes thickening somewhat where they meet the monocarps — Bolivia. Inflorescence of single flowers, axillary on leafy twigs or from main trunk, then solitary or clustered in groups of at least two on brachyblasts; peduncles ca.

Sepals 3—4 mm long 5. Thus, their higher use of the buffer zone may increase their detection probability. Mishuyacu, near Iquitos, m a. As both species are wide-ranging, it is rather expected that they might use areas much larger than the protected areas.

Cremastosperma brevipes is the only species of the genus found in the Guianas. The leaves of the type specimen of C. XML Treatment for Cremastosperma cenepense:

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