Les revenants [Ibsen Henrik] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 50 rooms; 18 heroes; scenes. Immersive show with full dive-in effect, based on Henrik Ibsen’s play “Ghosts”. The action takes place in the ancient mansion. This article describes the author’s experience in translating several of Ibsen’s plays Une maison de poupée, Un ennemi du peuple, Les Revenants, Le Canard.

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IbsentranslationtheatreSpanishoral ldsswear wordssocial differences. Through practical examples, the translator shows how these nuances can affect the whole interpretation of the characters and even of the play, as Ibsen uses them to set the tone of the scenes.

Gregorio Martinez Sierra, Madrid, Renacimiento.

Les Revenants by Ibsen, Henrik

Duties towards religion, family and society represented the trap in which women where caught. Swear words, mispronunciations and grammatical errors can, for example, turn a tragic scene into a comic one.

Ten years later another theatre in the capital produced Ghosts Gengangere, premiered in Gross, almost putrid indecorum Alving who uses a refined language and Pastor Manders speaks a language that sounds bombastic.

Earlier, Manders had persuaded Mrs.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ghosts Ibsen play. A filmed February performance of the production screened in more than UK and Irish cinemas on 26 June An award-winning —14 London production opened at the Almeida Theatre on 26 September and transferred to the West End at Trafalgar Studios on 9 December, running through 22 March A sub-plot that concludes before the play’s denouement involves a carpenter, Jacob Engstrand, who married Regina’s mother when she was already pregnant though he is unaware, or pretends to be, that Captain Alving was Regina’s father and regards Regina as his own daughter.


IbsenHenrik,An Enemy of the People, trans. Complex words in Germanic languages such as Norwegian are usually the ones derived from Latin, while in Spanish those words are commonplace.

Alving having to confront the decision of whether or not to euthanize her son in accordance with his wishes. Ozimek-MaierJanis,Ibsen and Spain: Kes alone did they translate and publish some of his plays, they also staged them.

However syphilis is not genetically passed down from a parent in the genetic code, but is instead caused by a bacterium and is either transmitted sexually or congenitally transmitted to a child from the rrevenants mother.

Immersive show “The Revenants” in Moscow, Russia

It’s a matter of interpretation. Find Rare Books Book Value. In gratitude Manders offers to support Engstrand’s hostel. Later that night, the orphanage burns down. revneants

There are two standard interpretations of this play. She uses slang and her words reflect exactly what she is: The same happens with incoherencies, which are often ironed out or skipped altogether.

Les Revenants

Retrieved 20 May The research done by Liyang Chang, Barbara Haveland, Olga Drobot and myself led to the conclusion that it was time to produce new translations of his plays. However, in Spanish literature there are fewer examples of this, and fewer still in translated literature.


I found it important not to introduce this kind of explanation of the original that can affect the interpretation of the play. He knew too that it’s possible for a woman to be a carrier without being aware of it, and perhaps he wants us to believe that Helen knows rdvenants is a carrier.

In fact the anarchist movement played a decisive role in the initial reception of Ibsen in Spain. In other cases it was impossible, so I had to leave them out.

Although the translators in the Ibsen in Translation project have meetings for each play, where we discuss the problems we encounter in our job specially related to the interpretation and contextualization of the textin the end we are authors of our translations. Hope you will like it and give your comments and suggestions.

He tries to persuade Regina to leave Mrs. The play performed on lles occasion was An Enemy of the People. The first Spanish performance took place in Barcelona in April Also init was filmed in Russia, directed and adapted by Vladimir Gardin.

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