General Information. Leucaena diversifolia is a deciduous tree or erect shrub with a light but spreading crown; it can grow 3 – 20 metres tall. When growing as a. A full botanical description of L. diversifolia is provided by Hughes (a). It is a small tree, commonly reaching m tall and cm in bole diameter; but. NFTA , October A quick guide to useful nitrogen fixing trees from around the world. Leucaena diversifolia is the second-best known species in the .

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Bray 1 and C. Leucpna diversifolia and its hybrids for the highlands. Animal Feed Science and Technology 74, pp.

Leucaena Research Report 12, pp. Title Leaves and flowers. The leaves have a lower digestibility of crude protein than those of L. The leaflets are diverxifolia to 2 mm wide and nearly 1 cm long. Leucpna psyllid trial at Waimanalo, Hawaii. Mineralization of nitrogen in woody legume prunings and its recovery by maize. Tropical Agriculture, 67 1: Even though Leucaena diversifolia shows some resistance to psyillid has the use of it to be emphasised with caution, since there are some evidence that seems like that the digestibility is very low, which makes this a less valuable fodder tree.


The treatment should be repeated on coppiced stumps. Chemical composition of Leucaena and implications diversfiolia forage quality.

Scientific name

When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status. It was introduced into Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Java in the late s.

No longer used, K was selected leucadna the University of Hawaii for its psyllid resistance and ability to grow productively at relatively high altitudes in Hawaii.

Progress and future activities of the leucaena psyllid research program in Indonesia. The primary uses of L.

Bipinnate with pairs of pinnae per leaf and pairs of leaflets per pinna. Post-plant herbicides such as bentazone and imazethapyr can be used to control weed seedlings in the rows. Austarlian Journal of Experimental Agriculture 28, pp. Delaying application until one day after cutting will reduce its efficacy.

Possibilities for developing low mimosine lines. Tolerance of Leucaena to acid soil conditions. Biology and fertility of soils. The aggressive nature and profuse growth of L. Means of Movement and Dispersal Top of page No specific information on the movement and dispersal of L.

Fact sheet – Leucaena diversifolia

The World Leucaena Catalogue. Its poor ability to support high liveweight gains precluded further accession development.

The widely used cultivar “KX3” is an interspecific hybrid between L. If you would like to, you can learn more about the cookies we use. Summary of insect pests of Leucpna [leucocephala] in the Philippines. Leucaena diversifolia – fast growing highland NFT species. Both tetraploids and diploids show high resistance to seed beetles Araecerus levipennis and A. Form varies from shrubby and highly branched to more arborescent with a short clear bole to 5 m, upright angular branching and an open, rounded crown.


Most authors have emphasised the potential to use Leucaena wood for a wide range of products including domestic and industrial fuel, including dendrothermal energy generation, poles, posts, sawn timber, furniture, parquet flooring, particle board and pulp.

Forest Ecology and Management, 16 Variations in the composition of gum exudates from Leucaena leucocephala and L.

Leucaena diversifolia – Useful Tropical Plants

Go to distribution map Flower color ranges from bright red to light pink. Preliminary evaluation of potential fodder quality in a range of Leucaena species. Leucaena psyllid problems in Asia and the Pacific.

Agroforestry Systems Nehterlands 33 1pp. Nitrogen fixing tree research reports 6pp.

Leucaena diversifolia

Feeding value Only very few feeding trials have been conducted, which included Leucaena diversifolia. The use of forage tree legumes in Timor, Indonesia. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands, pp. Psyllid-tolerant highland leucaena yields. Leucpna Research Reports, 9:

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