LGN and Reveal the Steel utilize a great training style known as reverse Goal setting; Rep ranges; Compounds vs isolation; Machines vs free-weights. Contact Me · Gallery · Free Programs LGN has taken the fitness world by storm. Within the LGN program you will find the following. An in depth review of the LGN program by fitness expert and blogger JC Hype-Free: The first thing you’ll notice about the program, and this says a lot.

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No more guessing what program or diet you should follow. Remember, this is not the only meal choices you have, but merely a springboard for getting creative with your cooking. From the ages ofI jumped from program to program. Well done, my friend.

LGN vs Reveal The Steel – Review Of The RPT Workouts

Learn why your diet must be manageable, and how your ‘willpower’ to stick with your diet can only take you so far.

Learn why the small exercises face pulls, band work, and assistance work can benefit you in the long term and keep your freee healthy. Immediately before starting the program, I was focusing on recomp getting stronger while getting leaner.

JC Deen is one cool dude. JC Deen is a well-respected fitness pro that has been featured in renowned places such as WannaBeBig. My body feels better than it ever has and even better, I look great and feel way better about myself.

It has allowed me to not waste time and energy trying to search around the internet to figure these things out. Calculates Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate Macronutrients. It has also made me more consistent because I know when I get to the end of my 12 weeks, I have a new program ready fee go. You may be confused on what exactly to do, but JC explains it step by step.


Right as I started JC’s program, I moved and started a new job that required a completely new schedule that I wasn’t adjusted to. Why there is no magical formula for weight maintenance.

My LGN Review – JMax Fitness

He has contributed to a range of fitness magazines; and he has written numerous articles all over the internet. I’m off to a great start! Then, people started commenting about how good I looked.

I gained 4 pounds in 6 weeks, something that for me, seemed lggn365 unattainable.

I’m considering getting another ‘huahua so I can curl both arms at the same time, maybe even a poodle for drag curls. But nothing resulted from my efforts. Discover how fat loss really works through evidenced-based ideas and application. Unfortunately the supplement industry has made it seem as if supplements are a shortcut that will get you to your goal. It is a program based on body recomposition; meaning reshaping your body.

Training programs are very commonplace in the fitness industry, but very few fitness products take the time to touch on the mental aspects of body composition and training. Following through gave me the confidence to not major in the minors.

Also, I think it would make more sense if some of the explanations of the training methods RPT, Rest pause were given at the start of the hypertrophy and fat loss manuals instead of solely being the in the training manual. How his studies of the raw vegan diet influenced him to be creative with his food selection and baking alternatives.


VKool encourages comments, but please remember: I know this, because I am currently in the process of weighing options for the foreword to my next lyn It all comes down to trust and putting focus on what matters. I’ve been doing lgn36 of this hard work, when it could’ve been lbn365 quickly and efficiently.

LGN365 Review – How To Look Great Naked 365 Days A Year

There is tips in there as well on how you can make minor adjustments to you can ensure you are hitting your macros. I am grateful every day for being a part of it!

You won’t regret it. This includes having things like multiple workout routines that fit into a variety of schedules and how to stay on track while eating out a restaurants.

He covers that too.

My LGN365 Review

This review is divided into 7 parts including: Gain muscle, one diet and program. It purports to be the complete Guide to Looking Good Naked. In LGN, this is what you get:. BUT … … unlike the other programs on this site, I have not done either one.

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