Lia Purpura’s “Autopsy Report” was a visceral and detailed recounting of her first experience watching a human body dissected. The first page. Autopsy Report Summary of the story; The start and the end; Lia’s amazing sense of using poems and strong words to the story Lia Purpura. Here, for example, is Lia Purpura in a too-bright room, in an essay entitled ” Autopsy Report”: I shall begin . →”Autopsy Report” by Lia Purpura.

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That liaa is definitely my favorite of the three. Jamison isn’t just circling the literal and literary possibilities of empathy here. Later in the essay she returns to her initial reaction of seeing the dead bodies.

I think all autoosy her essays in some way embody that question: Finally, in perhaps the most perfect personal essay ever written, “Cousins,” Jo Ann Beard suggests that the empathetic imagination does its best work under the cover of stopped time.

In discontinuous, highly evocative scenes, Beard gives us the family history. My roommate was telling me how Purpuar Purpura was going to be coming to her poetry class next week, and that made a lot of repirt to me.

A few feet over a fish leaps again, high in the air. To think and feel openly. Purpura “does her looking with an amazing capacity to see the unseen, to bring word to the unspoken. But she knew it was more than that—that it was all about how one perceives something, whether it is funny or stupid or completely wrong.


I shall begin with the chests of drowned men, bound with ropes and diesel-slicked. Empathy requires knowing you know nothing. You are twelve attending Sts. As the assistants slice open the first body, strangely, Lia puprura her mood as calm. The book enacts its aesthetic by circumscribing, cutting, outlining its vision rather than explicating, connecting or declaring.

However, I chose Lia as my writing mentor, because I am greatly intrigued by the poetic spin she seems to carry her writing with. The men asleep, the river rising: While D’Ambrosio chases a past that will eeport fully be summoned, Megan Stielstra, in an essay called “Wake the Goddamn World,” chases a better self.

Lia Purpura’s “Autopsy Report”

We bow our heads. Also, I just saw somebody above say these are nonfiction? Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

In this case, Lia Purpura was the one I chose, because her writing is original and poetic. Asleep below deck when a freighter hit and the river reportt inside their tug.

The teenager tells her story and the narrator gives her the reason why the boys would do such a thing: As I was looking through the Touchstone Anthology of Contemporary Creative NonfictionI gathered several stories whose titles jumped out at me. When it came to the meaning of her writing, I have to say I found myself lost.

Finding empathy in the essay

She has wakened to a fight in a street. Anonymous October 11, at 4: Beth Kephart These essays — and essayists — are proponents of experiencing empathy with words. What is your favorite syndicated cartoon? I should have done better. Overall, I can’t wait to read more of her short stories and I think that her style of writing is one in which everyone should read or experience because it definitely is a treat to those that are reading.


She was almost always home, but if she wasn’t typing and she wasn’t in the garden and she wasn’t putting bread in the oven, what was she doing?

I used to follow Dear Abby fanatically. But this is only because I know there was a typewriter down there. She did a good job of showing, but it repprt an unpleasant image.

Beard’s stopped time makes room for all of us.

Lia Purpura’s “Autopsy Report” | Kevin Figueroa

It is a spiral without an end. I am completely blown away by Rdport. Her arms move lazily back and forth, holding her up, and as she watches, the fish is transformed. Death gowned and dancing, scythe raised and cape blowing, leading the others, at dusk, over a mountain. And it structures how the narrator thinks, speaks, and then later on it shapes how she reflects on herself.

The color of holly berries, chokeable, dangerous, we keep from out son.

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