Liber Aleph Vel Cxi: The Book of Wisdom or Folly (The Equinox) [Aleister Crowley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Crowley. (Aleister Crowley). An LVII Sol in 0º 0′ 0“. September 23 e.v. a.m.. Page 2. Liber Aleph – 2. A.·. A.·. Publication in Class B. Liber Aleph – 3. In Hastings. LIBER ALEPH CXI. THE BOOK OF WISDOM OR FOLLY. An extended and elaborate commentary on the Book of the Law, in the form of a letter.

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Tad rated it it was ok Jul 24, The arcane style was probably either inspired by the short epistolary style of Heinrich Agrippa ‘s De Occulta Philosophia or the introduction to The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage which sees the author, Abraham the Jew, bequeathing the book to his son Lameck in the laeph hereditary spirit that this book claims.

Yet in hy partial and particular action, as thou art a creature of illusion, do thou maintain the right relation of one thing to another; fighting if thou be a soldier, or building if thou be a mason. Lists with This Book.

Liber Aleph

But now consider him that worketh not with his will, how his mind is idle, not reaching out after reality, but debating within itself of its own affairs, like a democracy, introspective. Herein is truth and wisdom concerning this matter, that so long as love be not wholly satisfied, and equilibrated by entire fulfilment and crowleu, constancy is a point of thy concentration and adultery a division in thy will.

Wilt thou acquaint thyself now further at my Reproof concerning this Arcanum of Alchymia, the Art Egyptian, how to make Gold? Therefore behold how this our Law of Thelema, Do what thou wilt, is the first foundation of alwph, whether in the body or in the mind, either of a simple, or a complex organism.

Crowely therefore there is no rule in any such lober, but he law shall give light to every one that hath it in his heart, and by that wisdom let him govern himself. And they feign falsely, with every wile, and cast about for thy soul, until either in love or in wrath or in some other folly thereof, thou speak truth, profaning thy sanctuary.

Written as a series of letters from Crowley to his ‘magical son’ and supposed heir, Frater Achad, which is just as useful to anyone who considers themselves heirs of the tradition of Thelema. Even the titles of each epistle are given in Latin, and its often medieval guise of dealing with subject matters, such as the effects of “melancholy bile”, can be considered another of Crowley’s great examples of using ancient texts as templates. Set up a regular payment of just GBP5.


These two, then, that like Gladiators have made war in philosophy through these oiber centuries, libr one by the love under will which is the Law of Thelema.

aleeph Refresh and try again. Thou art but a pretext for my action, and a focus for my light. Let librr be a treasure in thine heart, o my Son, this mystery hat I shall next unveil before thine eyes, O eagle that art undazzled by the brilliance of light, that soarest continually with virile flight to thine august inheritance. Then they in Delirium of their Wounds increase Delusion fortifying themselves in Belief of those Phantasies created by their Emotions or impressed upon their Silliness, so that their Minds have no Unity, or Stability, or Discrimination, but become Hotchpot, and the Garbage-Heap of Choronzon.

Also Nine is of Jesod, uniting Change with Stability.

They are swayed by the Eloquence of a Numscull, or overpowered by a Name or an Office, or the Magic of a Tailor; else, it may be, they, being made Fools too often, reject without Reflection even as at first they accepted.

Study therefore aelph acquire Skill in this Method, and Experience; for this Gold is not only of the Metals, but of every Sphere, and this Key is of virtue to enter every Palace of Perfection. Now then presently shall it some to pass, as by dint of each experience that component thereof which is within thee is attuned to it, and this without shock, so that thou art no longer thrown back from the trance, as exhausted, but abidest herein, almost without knowledge of thy state.

Liber Aleph |

Otherwise spoken, the former is of Art, a sensuous and creative perception; but the latter crowleyy science, and intellectual and intelligible insight. If mine horse balk at a fence, should some varlet come behind him, and strike at his hoofs? And this, multiplying itself, conflict upon conflict, endeth in hotchpot, and in the impotence and envy of Choronzon, and in he abominations of the abyss.

For Samadhi is the orgasm of the coition of the Unlike, and is commonly violent, even as the lightning cometh of the discharge between two vehicles of extreme difference of potentials. But when thou hast the summit and perfection of any work, of what worth is it to continue herein?


Other books in lkber series. This then is thy Liberty, that the Impulse of he Lion should become conscious by means of the Man; for without this thou art but an Automaton. For this is o state ill thy question. For by he practice of this tolerance thou shalt come sooner to the understanding of this equality of all things in our Lady Nuith, and so the high attainment of universal love.

All published versions follow the first edition text. And this doctrine be it accursed! Aleister Crowley, born Edward Alexander Crowley, was a Crwoley occultist, writer, mountaineer, philosopher, poet, and mystic.

Jonathan Dearborn rated it liked it Oct 04, Understand then heartily, o my son, that in the light of his my wisdom all things are one, being of the body or our Lady Nuith, proper, necessary and perfect.

For there is a balance alepb all things and the body hath charter to fulfil his nature, even as the mind hath. I had been re-reading it for several years.

How eagerly runneth it and returneth, gathering, arranging, clarifying, classifying, organizing, comparing, setting in array, with skill and might and energy hat faileth never! It is then the Possession of this Quality which determineth thy Manhood; for without it thou art not impelled o Magick, and thy Will is but the Salve’s Endurance and Patience under the Lash. Moreover, say not thou in thy syllogism that, since every change soever, be it the creation crkwley a symphony, or a poem, or he putrefaction of corwley carcass, is an art of love, and since we are to make no difference between any thing and any other hing, therefore all changes are equal in respect of our praise.

Liber Aleph vel CXI main page

So then at last this Samadhi shall become normal to thy common consciousness, as it were a point of view. For if thou hold not fast this discipline and proportion, which alloweth its true will to every part of thy being, the error of one shall draw all after it into ruin and dispersion. Thelemite apeph Works by Aleister Crowley.

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