Una mente prodigiosa – Ebook written by Sylvia Nasar. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. UNA MENTE PRODIGIOSA. Sylvia NASAR. Published by MONDADORI 0. Price: US$ Convert Currency. Shipping: US$ From Spain to U.S.A. A Beautiful Mind has ratings and reviews. Huda said: ولأن المصري معروف بجبروتهبتكون نهاية واحد من أعظم علماء الأرض بسببسواق تاكسي مصري.

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But really, this is the story of his life. I admit that I’d not heard of him until my wife recommended the movie to me after watching it with friends. But even though it has now been almost 3 years since I read it, I will try to come up with something. It is a story well worth your time. Ultimately, Sylvia Nasar succeeds with A Beautiful Mind because she leaves out most of the heavy-handed mathematics and focuses on who John Nash is and what his life represents.

A beautiful book and movie. Sometimes it seems that Sylvia struggles to make sense of her own notes and throws in disjointed quotes and snippets from other sources in a less than homogeneous way. This naturally caused him certain social frictions, but he was apparently forgiven a lot because of prodigiosw genius. I haven’t had an Audible subscription for ages but I knew there were some books on there I hadn’t listened to.

In the medium may have been tape. Nash lived still is living, I guess a really complicated life, even aside from his illness. And then as Nash drew closer to middle age, at the time when he should have been riding the top of the wave, his eccentricity degenerated into outright schizophrenia and cost him his job, his marriage and his rational mind.


A Beautiful Mind

What made his life worse were conflicts between his mistress who is bearing his son now and his wife, Alicia Nash who is stubborn enough not to give up on John and stay with him despite of his dangerous conduct towards others and to himself To me she was more inspiring through-out than her husband. From nearly the onset of the pathology, to its development, treatment prodigiksa some recovery by Nash’s free will His genius is both a gift and a curse.

This is one of those books where writing a review was so daunting that I didn’t get to it right away. One day I’ll seek out the full version and read it, or listen to it, again. He worked and learned not by absorbing what others had already accomplished but by rediscovering the concepts on his own.

And the schizophrenic spy stuff came from the minds of the filmmakers. It manages to be a ‘warts-and-all’ autobiography without ever stooping to sensationalism and remains respectful of its subject even while recounting some of his worst facets. Prorigiosa, I caught a Doctor Who reference in the book.

A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar

Economist and journalist Sylvia Nasar has written a biography of Nash that looks at all sides of his life. More complicated and difficult than many, but still a very human life. He grew up as a child who lacked social skills which his parents feared the mostdays he locked himself up in dark room with books alone, has no close friends etc.

Oct 26, George Mazurek rated it it was amazing. If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie – I recommend the latter.


Un gives an intelligent, understandable exposition of his mathematical ideas and a picture of schizophrenia that is evocative but decidedly unromantic. When it comes to geniuses, a few archetypes generally come to prodigioss. Counter-intuitively, the book suggests he calmed himself by working with computers. Citando dal saggio autobiografico che scrisse per il conferimento del Nobel: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

By the age of thirty, Nash was suffering from his first bouts of paranoid schizophrenia, a disease he would suffer with for three decades.

His abusive, childish character disappeared, just like it never existed. What the book reveal to its audience was that this man who suffered manic depression, despite his gifts in logical and problem solving and impressive academic career, is still as human as us. When the Nobel Prize committee began debating a prize for game profigiosa, Nash’s name inevitably came up–only to be dismissed, since the prize clearly could not go to a madman.

June Read – A Beautiful Mind. I found that I didn’t enjoy spending so much time with a person who, in addition to being a genius, and mentally ill, was basically a creep.

Though I usually like Blackstone Audio’s production of books, the narration of this one by Anna Fields, was below their standards. Otherwise, it was dull. A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar.

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