Liquidated has ratings and 43 reviews. BlackOxford said: Against ExcellenceIf you want to understand the source and the consequences of the rhetori. Book Reviews Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street. Karen Ho. Durham, NC : Duke University Press, pp. $, paper. Karen Ho is a member of. In Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street, Karen Ho introduces us to the culture of smartness on Wall Street—its perpetuation, its sustainability.

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Highly recommended for anyone. The book is, moreover, extremely well written throughout. Based on this culture of liquidity and compensation practices tied to profligate deal-making, Wall Street investment bankers reshape corporate America in their own image. Demystifies Wall Street by reading it from a point of liquidwted that is so refreshingly human. Sign up for Subject Matters email updates to receive discounts, new book announcements, and more.

It’s all about doing deals, selling products, doing more deals, selling more products. Leading investment banks pride themselves on skimming from the top of a very small number of elite universities Harvard, Princeton, and a few other “hyperelite” institutions like the Wharton School.

Like the latter, Karen Ho focuses on Wall Street.

Contents Anthropology Goes to Wall Street. I read this at the same time as Richistan and Young Money. So what was the financial crisis about? In a book that could be ripped from the headlines, and the musings of pundits, Karen Ho brilliantly analyzes the role of investment bankers in creating Wall Street fortunes and failures. A must read for any young person tempted by the popularised magic of Wall Street.

More troubling though, is how the i-banks led corporate America to conglomeration in the 60’s only to cull them in an orgy of asset stripping and downsizing two decades later. And, along the way, strreet interviews and fieldwork offer a very revealing picture of the mind of Wall Street.

Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street

Selected pages Page 9. If you are requesting permission to photocopy material for classroom use, please contact the Copyright Clearance Center at copyright. Anthropology Goes to Wall Street. To ask other readers questions about Liquidatedplease sign up. That patient ethnographic analysis has produced a fascinating portrait that will be refreshingly novel to most bankers. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.


Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street by Karen Ho

One day I may reread this slowly, but for now, a skim will have to do. Her ethnographic analysis of those workplaces is filled with the voices of stressed first-year associates, overworked and alienated analysts, undergraduates eager to be hired, and seasoned managing directors.

Please direct permission requests for etreet images to permissions dukeupress. It basically shows the parasitic relationship of Wall Street to Main Street and the way that they will kill off companies to make a profit, the way a parasite kills what it feeds upon.

Jul 03, BlackOxford rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’d encourage anyone who is even rem Sometimes anthropologists have an extremely annoying way of writing so this took forever to get through, but it was worth it. But for what it is, the book is very successful and very compelling for catching a brief period in time that will probably only differ in degree of the levels of tech for the next generation, no matter the humiliations that come about from recessions not foreseen or even caused by the financial sector.

That is how the banks sell themselves when they recruit — the places where the smartest people work. It is more academic than popular press. A very well-researched and well-written book. Ho reveals the financial crises so often attributed to abstract “market forces” to be a product of a Wall Street culture of elitism that begins with Ivy League cliques and is supported by a cut-throat occupational environment characterized by norms of exhausting work schedules, perfectionism, and instability.

But doing deals doesn’t mean doing deals that make sense. And this, from ‘Downsizers Downsized’, ” In addition to being more liquid than the rest, Wall Street’s larger social–and market–purpose is also the necessary evil of forcing the average worker to become more liquid.


Nov 09, Marks54 rated it liked it. Her story gives good insights about our national financial landscape. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. A book that anyone seeking to understand finance or economics should read.

The writing was so smooth and interesting. In so doing, she makes an important contribution to the social study of finance and economic sociology. America’s Dream Palace in the near future in hopes it might be better suited as a recommendation for others. In it, she looks at the prevailing orthodoxies of the natives and tries to debunk them, amongst these are shareholder value and the benefit of so many hours at your desk free food and a car service help Ho writes the book that I think I would have written, had I been born in different circumstances.

Mar 06, Katie rated it liked it. No matter how you read it, it’s unlikely you’ll ever again see financial capitalism purely through the lens of those self-congratulatory, pre adverts promoting Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Charles Schwab, et al.

Feb 27, Xavier Cousens rated it it was amazing. Building on these rich and diverse data sources collected up through midHo provides a complex and fascinating analysis of the linkages between biography, institutions, and markets. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Chase Manhattan, and Banker’s Trust and their part in restructuring corporate America provide empirical grist for her analytical mill.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The book is not for the timid and takes a while to get going, but I am glad I read it. Mangano and Martin S.

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