Liquidated has ratings and 43 reviews. BlackOxford said: Against ExcellenceIf you want to understand the source and the consequences of the rhetori. Book Reviews Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street. Karen Ho. Durham, NC : Duke University Press, pp. $, paper. Karen Ho is a member of. In Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street, Karen Ho introduces us to the culture of smartness on Wall Street—its perpetuation, its sustainability.

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This book should be read by Wall Street investment bankers and corporate managers to better understand the social values and responsibilities of corporations and the role that they play in the American community.

Their mission is the creation a shareholder value, but Ho demonstrates that their practices and assumptions often produce crises instead.

Other editions – View all Liquidated: Their mission is the creation of shareholder value, but Ho demonstrates that their practices and assumptions often produce crises instead. In fact, I highly recommend this book to everyone, because it provides an in-depth strete at the culture of Wall Street, an institution which has a lot liquidatde influence over our lives. It is more academic than popular press. You must obtain permission directly from the owner of the image.

Refresh and try again. In a streer argument, Ho asserts that in the mind-set of investment bankers, they and their industry veritably constitute the financial market. The way in which companies like Goldman Sachs and McKinsey create personalities, even for those who never work in finance much less who work for them, is remarkable. Actually, even faculty of our elite schools are starting to question why so many of their graduates end up in finance.


I found it rewarding to read and reflect on, a landmark in the burgeoning anthropology of money.

This is an ethnography of Wall Street behavior in investment banking firms done by a Princeton grad who is currently an assistant professor of Anthropology at Minnesota. The book is, moreover, extremely well written throughout. It’s all about doing deals, selling products, doing more deals, selling more products. Please check the credit line adjacent to the illustration, as well as the front and back matter of the book for a list of credits.

Their workplace culture and networks of privilege create the perception that job insecurity builds character, and employee liquidity results in smart, efficient business.

Financial collapses—whether of the junk bond market, the Internet bubble, or the highly leveraged housing market—are often explained as the inevitable result of market cycles: In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: The intelligence of its author shines through Liquidated.

Liquidated | Duke University Press

Account Options Sign in. Feb 18, Ldrutman Drutman rated it really liked it. For example in the area of how the banks are specific in recruiting the best and the brightest, primarily from Princeton and Havard, after making the point effective it continues to be supported with anecdotal accounts leaving me with the repeating the famous movie line It basically shows the parasitic relationship of Wall Street to Main Street and the way that they will kill off companies to make a profit, the way a parasite kills what it feeds upon.

It is the size of the bonus, not the size of the salary, that motivates them. Nov 25, Ellen Silverman rated it it was amazing.

For book covers to accompany reviews, please contact the publicity department. But it is a good and very important read, especially for those who advocate reforming Wall Street.


If you don’t produce or if circumstances dictate, you are permanently expendable. Permission to Photocopy coursepacks If you are requesting permission to photocopy material for classroom use, please contact the Copyright Clearance Center at copyright.

A skilled editor could have cut half the book and made it a sstreet more effective popular book. The history in this book was fascinating. The actual health and productivity of a corporate client is at best a secondary concern for banks, as their incentives are fees made from coordinating as many deals good, bad or indifferent as possible.

Liquidated: An Ethnography of Wall Street

I loved this book. After hearing her speak at the U of M and engaging in discussion with her, I Although I enjoyed reading this ethnography, I was a bit skeptical of Ho’s theories due to her limited time working for Ah Street, the lack of clarity regarding her personal aspirations and reactions to being downsized, her seemingly small informant pool comprised mainly of friends or classmates who were also fairly new to Wall Street, and her lack of hard numbers to back up theories of recruitment and discrimination.

A book that anyone seeking to understand finance or economics should read. Ho argues that there is no real planning on Wall Street — just a constant hunt for something that will make money fast and now.

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