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For t-tests of independent samples with equal sample size, we calculate the degrees of freedom by taking the total number of subjects in both groups and subtracting 2. Depending on the level of detail needed, we may have to go as far as a proper acoustic analysis using specialist equipment and software to find out the exact physical properties of a sound and base our decision on this. Knowing now the t-statistic and the degrees of freedom, we con- sult a t-test significance chart.

You will notice in Table 4. In our current example, the mean height of the sample population is One method or rather type of method which is frequently used for collecting data across most linguistic subdisciplines are questionnaires.

Research methods in linguistics / edited by Lia Litosseliti. – Version details – Trove

Similarly, whether or not a customer is wearing earrings is also a cate- gorical variable. We can also determine the median height in our sample cm. In the interest of demonstrating the range of applicability of chi-square tests and t-tests, we will see how to apply these two methods to linguistic research based on both natural language data i.

There are three shoe colour options: And all the research questions should almost certainly be referred to in the discussion: Find her cheque book M: The first thing we need to ask ourselves is whether this variable shoe colour is quantifiable. How do I phrase my questions so they address exactly the issues I want to investigate?

Research Methods in Linguistics

In other words, not only do we need a set of tools to get our data, we also need to think about a coherent and solid framework around which we organize our data collection.


Listeners were told that they were going to hear ten recorded male voices, five speaking French and five speaking English. The most common way of doing this is to add part of speech information to each word in the form of tags. Texts containing spoken conversations with lots of inter- ruptions and false starts, jokes which contain wordplay, or technical documen- tation which may contain a lot of unusual lexis, do not always have high tagging accuracies.

This rather daft example illustrates one of the most important aspects of quantitative research and indeed all research: The second part of this chapter has focused on questionnaires, a method widely used and possibly overused in many linguistic subdisci- plines, trying to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of using question- naires as tools for data collection and giving advice on the design and processing of questionnaire-based data.

La Trobe University Library. Open to the public ; To hone in on attitudes towards lan- guage itself, Lambert et al. I have already pointed to the role of research questions in identifying appropriate data and accordingly data collection, elicitation generationor selection e.

This finding would support the quantitative result, and perhaps indicate that the statistical significance does in fact correspond to something in the real world.

Concepts, Frameworks and Issues 49 Sebastian M. For these research questions, you would need to elicit data, since you are deal- ing with reported attitudes, reasons, beliefs and perceptions. We may, for example, take a month-old child and, over linguistjcs period of two years, that is until age 3, assess both its profi- ciency and the extent of feedback in regular intervals by testing it every six months. A Guide for Analysis.

We can measure the height of a sample population of 10 people, and come up with the following data litozseliti in centimetres: Open to the public Book; Illustrated English Show 0 more libraries When writing an MA dissertation or Ph. Both within- and between- subject designs have advantages and disadvantages.

The use of computer software for coding will be extremely useful at this stage.


Skip to main content. At the same time it is important to stress that triangulation as defined above is not the only purpose of mixed methods research. They then focus on a social semiotic approach to multi- modality, which they illustrate with examples from classroom interaction and textbooks. Let us take an example of a research question and work it through: A more common method, however, mfthods to introduce qualitative evidence into our analysis.

In this section, we briefly go over some of the basic concepts involved in choosing an appropriate statistical test, before turning to a more detailed examination of two of the more commonly used tests. This is both because of the time it can take, and because of the likelihood of human error in all of the arithmetic computations.

Rather, they emphasize the role of interviews and focus groups as collaborative or interactional events that are context-specific and shaped as litosseltii by the interviewer as by those being interviewed. The condition of variability, however, is a more abstract and basic one.

You will learn what these tests are, how to use them and what they can and cannot tell researcy. However, we would also need to ensure that we balanced these samples by taking them from different places in the novels — if we only took the first 30, words from each novel, we would have a corpus of the beginnings of novels.

The condition of variability is therefore a requirement about the possible existence of variation, and does not mean that variation will actually be found. Before we start writing our questionnaire, then, we should therefore ask ourselves the following two questions: Students need to learn how researcj develop research methods appropriate for their chosen study, and how to record, transcribe, code and analyse the data collected. Holmes and Marra, ; Sarangi and Roberts, Set up My libraries How do I set up “My libraries”?

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