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Although the circuits are functional the pages are not meant to be full descriptions of each circuit but rather as guides for adapting them for use by others. Oddly, when the battery expired on mine, it managed to take the IC out at the same time. In this article, I’ll discuss a little circuit that I made for my granddaughter. It is easy to get Source and Drain backwards. To reactivate the flasher, we simply have a push button to temporarily short out C1.

These resistors should be equal in value.

LM Datasheet pdf – LED Flasher/Oscillator – National Semiconductor

A digital circuit would be overkill and require much expense and circuitry for this tiny project. Naturally the circuit will not be as compact as the integrated circuit but it does offer the ability to adjust individual component values and can be less expensive than the integrated circuit itself. The was a single chip charge pump that could light and blink an LED when the power source was below the forward bias voltage of the LED. The 2N and 2N transistors used in the circuit could be replaced by any small signal or switching type of transistor.


They look for all the world like any other LED, though embedded in the plastic dome is an integrated circuit to do all that flashing work. One of them got stuck into the peephole of my dorm room. There is always the grandson following, who may want to play with it when he gets of age.

It still sits in a crappy chunk of pcb I tossed it in, but have never gotten around to replacing it. Some time around I potted one in epoxy with a D cell. After C1 has been shorted out, it must recharge again after the button has been released, before the unit will turn off again.

The circuit acts as a ‘voltage doubler’. There is no apparent reason that it shouldn’t work in the other circuits shown on the LM data sheet if the zener diode D1 is replaced. If your auto off circuit doesn’t work, there are three likely culprits.

Capacitor C1 – make sure this part is a low leakage capacitor. Interestingly, they illuminate when the sun is NOT shining on them. Resistors R2 and R3 can be combined into one resistor.

LM3909N – LM3909 LED Flasher/Oscillator Datasheet

Will this one flash an LED for two years? However, to have go from 3V down to 2V, is one third of this cycle.


It could flash an LED with a forward junction voltage that was over 1. If you have any questions or comments please send them to the email address on the Circuit Index page. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. On the other hand, if your 2N part has a low threshold, it may stay on for longer than calculated time. When I lm39909 tested this, I decided to change C1 and R2, since finding a 10 megohm resistor was impossible with my current stock.

I would check the following in order:.

Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki dztasheet licensed under the following license: LM chips are still available. Another thing to watch is to choose a good component for C1, as leakage current might prevent it from working datashdet.

To restate the formula completely, we could say the on time is determined by: I would check the following in order: So when the coffee maker quit, I quickly extracted the blue LED without much of a fight not much else comes out without a fight.

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