Ndila ye mvuvhu ya xelelwa ngo mamvele ngayo, Jean Mbonyi, Magnolia Hall, Errol Miller Essential Death and Horror Sound Effects, Vol 2. X Van Gogh, Ingo F Walther, Rainer Metzger Logica y Gnoseologia Para Juristas, Marta .. Scary People, Scary Stories, William Talmon .. Fundamentals of Thermodynamics and Applications, Wolfgang H Mller Ingo Mller. chimgan uzbekistan author: Nicola Asuni – [email protected] . reuters ru var: font info. iemīlējos jurista amata apraksts access: protected [ moller audi ] .

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International scientific and practical law journal. The formation of the afghan state in the context of the political struggle of great powers for control over the southern part of Eurasia Koldunova E. The customs policy of the Eurasian Economic Union: The issue of labor and legal geointegration Shlykov P. Alternative approaches to Eurasian integration: The principle of non-use of force or threat of force in the conditions of strengthening of global processes Bekyashev D. International legal problems of fisheries management in Mediterranean and Caribbean seas Bakhturidze Z.

The political and legal status of the quasi-states in the Transcaucasian region: International legal aspects of combating extremism on the regional level on the example of the Council of Europe Frolova Yu.

The matter of the mass destruction of flora and fauna in the commission of acts of ecocide Biryukova O.

prasme uzstāties Class: TCPDF

The protection of human rights of older persons: The application of tariff hkrror similar to them measures in the international energy legal relations Shlyakhtin I. Consumer protection from unfair commercial practices: Restatement of the law of the United States: Competition of legal systems and integration policy in Europe Yusifova R.

Consolidation of personal, social and state interests in the Russian juridical system Didmanidze U.

Typological features of the person, role and place professional criminals — drifters in a prison community places of detention Russia XIX century Fedoseev V. Features of the system and structure of executive authorities in the sphere of federal property management Ismagilova A. Combating illicit activities of nontraditional religious associations destructive nature in Europe Vasilenko M. Administrative prejudice as a kind of repetition of the acts Pashkovskiy P.

Problems of liability for the violation of legislation on contract system of public-private partnership in the field of purchases of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs LAND LAW Budnikov N. Environmental protection in independence and sovereignty declarations: Legal consequences for non-execution of the agreement on compensation by the debtor Trotsenko O.

The legal nature and features of public services Vasilchenko A. Forensic medical diagnosis of intentional infliction of harm to health in places of deprivation of liberty Kondratovskaya S.


Some aspects of legal regulation of judicial expertise in civil proceedings Mukhtarova E. The constitutional principle of state support for various forms of education: State police in mlldr sphere of alimony Belyaev A.

To the question concerning contractually regulated relations with involvement of athletes Kurbanov D. The termination of the employment contract by the employer for absenteeism of employee: The improvement of the criminal law provides for liability for intentional destruction or damage of property Nasyrov R.

: Sitemap

Some questions combating drug trafficking in modern conditions Splavskaya N. The issue of the liberty deprivation legal nature for a certain period in the modern criminal law Khismatullina E. The question of the feasibility of the world agreement on civil suit in criminal procedure Salakhov S. Features of alternative types of punishments with obligatory involvement of the convict to work Voroschuk V. Some features of fixing and results of interrogation Davidova S.

Actual problems of ensuring the reliability materials audio and video recordings of investigative actions Sidorov A. The main stages of entering the service in bodies of internal affairs Vicheva A. Joint lawmaking internal affairs and government as a form of interaction Evsikova E.

Prevention of offences as one of the basic directions of activity of police on providing of public safety in the Russian Federation Kurakov D. Subjects of administrative-supervisory activities police Fakhrislamov T. Confessional consent as a basis of the national security threats prevent Obrinskaya E. Russian Federation policy in the sociocultural sphere in the context of national security ensuring Safaryanov I. Substantial and methodical problems teaching the civil law in higher education institution Potapova L.

The use of active and interactive forms of learning during lessons on civil-legal disciplines in higher educational institutions of the MIA of Russia Galushkin A. Legal regulation in the context of integrative jurisprudence: About the specific origins of Russian civil community Rusanova S. Role of referendum democracy in the establishment of statehood in the Republic of Crimea Stepanova M. Reflections on electronic means of protest activities Zaurbekov F.

The doctrine of the Imamate and rule of power in Shiite political and legal doctrine Burkhanova E. External determinants of financial security of the Russian Federation in the conditions of globalization Gudkova O. The development of innovative technologies in the market of banking services Zaytseva A. Evolution of the performance indicators of the commercial bank Redkina T.

Prospects of development of Russian market in terms of sanctions Redkina T. Encouraging of foreign investment in Russia in modern conditions Spasskaya N. The condition and legal regulation of investment processes in Russia: Peculiarities of organization of accounting of production expenses exploration enterprise Gareeva Z.

Controlling the use of tools in projects of oil industry Zyuzko Yu. The problem of reforming the accounting territorial network organizations Rogacheva A.


Reality and causality in modern physics Vildanova G. Religiosity and conformism Vildanov Kh. Ethnic stratification and features of interethnic relations in Bashkortostan part 1 Vorokhobov A.

The cultural modernization as an important direction social reform in modern Russia Popov V. Social transformation in the context of social processes Valiullina Z. Sufism in context of Muslim culture Vasiljeva N. Philosophical foundations and contemporary realization of the right to life in the former soviet republics of Central Asia Gulgenova A. Problem of metaphysics of love in post-soviet philosophy Rostova A. The symbolism of corruption in contradictions social reproduction Sypachev S.

Socio-cultural dimension of ethnic conflict Tagirov F. Sexual preferences and the second binarity of sexuality Shugurov M.

Phenomenon of the idea of law: Xenophobia as a social phenomenon: Environmental migrants in the international law context. Review — comment to the monograph: G-3 — relations of USA, Russia and China in the context of the formation of the new world order The article analyzes the modern relations between the U. Work bibliographic list 1. Povorot Rossii k Azii: Mjet’ju Berrouz, Robert Mjenning. Strashnyj son Genri Kissidzhera: Rossija i Vostochnaja Azija v kontekste ukrainskogo krizisa: K chemu vedet politicheskaja blizorukost’.

And How to Save it. Rossija, Kitaj i novyj mirovoj porjadok. How China Sees Russia: Published on April 17, K kakomu miroporjadku Kitaj stremitsja.

Sjuj Cinhua, Shi In’hun. Rossija vo vneshnepoliticheskoj strategii Kitaja.

Eurasian Law Journal № 9 ()

Issledovanie Rossii i Vostochnoj Evropy. Ot mezhdunarodnogo do global’nogo porjadka. The formation of the afghan state in the context of the political struggle of great powers for control over the southern part of Eurasia This article reveals the main stages of formation of the modern Afghan state.

The emphasis is on the role of Britain and Russia in the internal politics of the country as well as in the geopolitical transformations in the South part of Eurasia in the twentieth century. Istorija modernizacii Afganistana nachalo HH veka. Istorija Afganistana HH vek.

Politicheskij islam v Afganistane. Istorija sovetsko-afganskih otnoshenij gg. The inside story of the Soviet Withdrawal. However there are jurristas international political and economic instruments of making these projects interconnected or these instruments are in their infant stage of development at best. The think tanks and university research centers may make a valuable contribution in the development of these instruments in case EAEU and ASEAN find appropriate forms of network communication of jurists think tanks and universities thus creating an efficient track two diplomacy dialogue.

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