Unavailable for several years, Lost Christianity is a profound reexamination of the essence of Christian thought and faith. Philosopher and bestselling. A more recent book in the Gurdjieff tradition puts very clearly the implications of all this for Christianity. Lost Christianity by Jacob Needleman is. Needleman calls the element missing from Christianity (lost around the end of the Middle Ages, if not before) “”ontological love.”” This he.

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Similarly, wisdom and compassion are results. Why doesn’t the Golden There are a number of neeedleman derived from desert fathers and other early monastics I am unfamiliar with, not only John of the Cross and St.

Needleman introduces us to three Needleman presses into the some of jacoob deepest questions of life Christianity today. Part two lost the plot a little. Needham does not genuinely seek answers.

A philosopher rather than a theologian, Jacob Needleman asks hard questions: By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Needleman, an agnostic, is not sure, himself. Man is compared with a seed capable of a definite evolution. The idea of levels of Christianity may never again be known in the West.

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of I only completed one third jcob the book therefore my I bought this book many years ago. The physical discipline accomplishes what thinking cannot. Who was I, trying to make sense of it? An exploration of inner or esoteric Christianity by an academic largerly through anecdote.


The lost element in our lives is the force within myself that can attend to both movements of human nature within my own being and then guide the arising of this force within my chfistianity in a manner suited to his understanding. Finally – a book about what Christianity really IS.


Father Vincent is a Christian Master, who opens up to Needleman quite readily about his intensely mystical Inner Life. The author received the monk’s journals, using them to explore the deeper levels of Christianity. He tells how three 20th century Christians sought to reconnect with those early methods. Father Vincent smokes cigarettes and drinks beer, fairly copiously it seems.

Oct 26, Russell Burnett rated it it was amazing. To have faith is a result.

Lost Christianity : A Journey of Rediscovery

Sylvan that he wanted to be given to Mr. And Needleman highlights that one of the core tenets of Christianity is social action and caring for one’s neighbor in order to honor the directive to “love one’s neighbor as oneself.

Can the “lost Christianity” be rediscovered and be a catalyst for humanity’s spiritual development? He has a concentration chirstianity intuition that are more important than his lack of skills. I prayed in a way that I had never before prayed; I knew it was the Son praying to the Father through myself.

Lost Christianity : Jacob Needleman :

Obedience and keeping a pure conscience toward both God and manyou will smooth for yourself a true and straight path to the third method of attention and prayer which is the following: Contrast this with Ken Wilber’s concepts of the states and stages of development christianitty Integral Theory. In the state of prayer one is vulnerable. This is the teaching of the Gospels. This is not to criticize people at the mythic stage.


Overall, I thought it was allot of reading for such a small return in understanding. Even a sophisticated Coptic Egyptian prelate radiates this intense inner Life.

Needleman goes off to find people in the contemporary world who are engaged in these same traditions, and a number, including the founder of the Centering Prayer movement, Father Thomas Keating. One night after Needleman had spent the day lecturing and meeting with folks, he came back to find Father Vincent once again boozing it up and christiannity, watching the tube, but asks if he wants to play some gin rummy.

Social action and therapeutic caring by themselves are not enough. The Best Books of Christopher rated it needlean was ok Feb 23, I loved this book and it is striking that a non-Christian writes a book that is so deeply Christian and respectful of the depth of the tradition. Needleman calls the element missing from Christianity lost around the end of the Middle Ages, if not before “”ontological love.

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