23 items Spell name, Spell School, V S M AF DF XP, Rulebook name, Edition. Aura of the Sun · Abjuration, yes no yes no, Lost Empires of Faerun · Forgotten. 16 items Feat name, Short description, Rulebook. Arcane Manipulation, You are learned in the arcane ways of Netheril, where Lost Empires of Faerun. Lost Empires of Faerûn (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Supplement) [Richard Baker, Ed Bonny, Travis Stout] on.

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The Seldarine respond to the arcane and divine high magic of the losg by smiting the Ilythiiri. The Fair Folk were concerned enough to risk open war with Netheril by stealing one set of the nether scrolls, but the Netherese never discovered the identity of the thieves.

Several of the city’s noble houses migrated to purely elven enclaves, and humans and dwarves purchased their vacant villas.

The War of Three Leaves begins. Aryvandaarans begin raiding along Miyeritar’s borders and interfering with its trade routes. Many of its empies still stand in the depths of the forest known as Cormanthor, and numerous inhabitants of Myth Drannor are still alive in one form or another. The War of the Seldarine begins.

The Crown Warson pages 51—59, described the elven realms of the Crown Wars, which were waged upon each other and resulted in the descent of the drow and the establishment of Evereska and Evermeet.

She then announced her intent to draw the Crownblade herself and, to the amazement of many, she succeeded. Though Rystall Wood survived for many centuries, little physical evidence of its existence remains, since the sylvan elves built few permanent structures.

This page was last edited on 8 Julyat Araushnee is cast down into the Demonweb Pits, where she becomes the demon-goddess Lolth. The Crown Wars halt for a time while the elves reassess what they have done. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


For the first time, the secrets of past empires of the Forgotten Realms world are chronicled in one comprehensive sourcebook. One coronal must olst sun and moon, sky and sea, and tree, root, and earth, that all may achieve a long-lasting peace and strength in unity.

Coronal Oacenth’s dream crumbled along with the Rule Tower, which was shattered by elven battle-magic. Thearnytaar and Eiellur declare war on Ilythiir and attempt to prevent the Ilythiiri from advancing north.

Lost Empires of Faerûn

While the Trio Nefarious was assembling its army, the people of Cormanthyr were busy dealing with other dangers. Jhyrennstar’s wizards and druids nurtured the trees in their realm to incredible size. For example, a character who is well versed in history might be able to recall enough details to piece together part of the story with a Knowledge history check see Table Netheril’s green fields had not yet been swallowed by the sands of Anauroch, the old forests of the North were larger than they are today, and Jhaamdath had not yet been drowned by the high magic of Nikerymath, but many other lands looked much the same as they do today.

War and Peace Throughout the millennia following the Crown Wars, the six realms of Arcorar flourished and grew, despite intermittent attacks by goblins, orcs, and drow. Infernal influence was a strong factor in the fall of Cormanthyr. Ancient Feats from Chapter 1: Almost seventy thousand elves perish before Aryvandaar wins the day and occupies northern Shantel Othreier.

After centuries of decline, the elders of the Elven Court began the Retreat, leaving Cormanthor a virtually uninhabited forest within three decades.

Lost Empires of Faerûn Excerpt

The Vyshaantar Empire occupies all the remaining elven realms on Faerun and begins colonization of Evermeet. Expedition to the Ruins empirrs Greyhawk. Views Read Edit View history. The dream of Cormanthyr was a reality, and all the tribes of the Great Forest lived and worked in harmony.


The First Crown War begins. The Dream of Cormanthyron pagesdescribed the fabled realm of Myth Drannor. The elves of Uvaeren constructed libraries of legendary beauty and complexity, storing information not just in books, but also in intricate magical constructs, ornate mosaics, and crystal chimes that conveyed information through music.

This Month’s Dragon Magazine. Artifacts of the Paston pagesintroduces magic items created and used by people of the various lost empires. Several of the more senior mages split off to form a group called the Eternal Srinnala, which was dedicated lf pursuing the wishes the Srinshee had expressed before she vanished.

The meteor strike touched off fires that destroyed a vast swath of forest, cutting off Rystall Wood from the rest of the Cormanthor. Extremely obscure information The fallen solar Malkizid was the secret patron of the Faerhn lords. Resistance movements spring up in Miyeritar and Shantel Othreier. But before the required mourning period had passed, Eltargrim’s heir, Aravae Irithyl, was murdered.

As soon as they were freed, the three fiends put their plans into motion. For the first time in Cormanthyr’s history, the succession was open to any noble or commoner. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: The Second Ferun War begins.

Persecution of high mages and powerful clerics in Vyshaantar lands begins as the sun elves seek to eliminate any threats to their power.

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