According to Louis Massignon Al-Hallaj was born around AD in Tur a small town of Bayda district, in the center of the southern Iran,which. Abridged from the four-volume The Passion of al-Hallaj, one of the major Louis Massignon (), France’s most celebrated Islamic specialist in this. Louis Massignon (25 July – 31 October ) was a Catholic scholar of Islam and a . Louis Gardet, his friend and colleague, assisted in the posthumous edition of Louis Massignon’s work La passion de Hussayn Ibn Mansûr an-Hallâj.

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May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Among other Sufis, Al-Hallaj was an anomaly.

Louis Massignon

The specialist will prefer using volume one of the four-volume set; others will have to wait for a proper introduction to Massignon and Hallaj. Borrmans, Massignon believes that the self-offering of Muslim saints in substitution for their brothers can make Islam go ahead on the way of revelation.

oluis It was the Alusi who saved him from a very dangerous situation in the desert when in —during the ferment of the Turkish revolution—he was captured as a “spy” and almost killed. IslamSunni [2] [3].

View all posts by ismailimail. For places in Iran, see Hallaj, Iran. This situation of captivity, and the experience of Muslim spirituality, also brought about his conversion to Christianity: Christians should therefore see themselves challenged by the presence of Islam to live a life of a simple sainthood, which it is hard, yet not impossible, to attain from a Muslim background Borrmans,and whose truth they can understand.

Central Asia and Middle Eastquote: He was finally given the chair in Januarywhen Le Chatelier retired.

He was ordained by Bishop Kamel Medawar on January 28,with the permission of Patriarch Maximos IVdespite some opposition from the Holy Seewhich, however, finally accepted his priestly ordination.


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The Views of Louis Massignon about the Life of Al-Hallaj

The fact remains, however, that Massignon’s work has made Hallaj one of the five or six most recognizable Muslim names by the general Western audience, after Muhammad, Harun al-Rashid, maybe Ghazali, “Saladin,” and Omar Khayyam. Although the majority of early Sufi teachers condemned him, he was almost unanimously canonized by later generations of Sufis.

He was even able to influence surreptitiously certain notable Massignno through his intellectual enlightenment,that Ibn al-Muslima a Pouis vazir who admitted to being Hallajian to the extent of consecrating his vizarate to him. He thus wants to integrate them into salvation given by Christ without them having to become Christians themselves; an external conversion does not seem necessary to him, he rather envisages an “internal jassignon of Muslims within Islam. Al-Hallaj confronted a difficult situation after his marriage with daughter of Abu Yaqub Aqta, who was also in closed terms with Amr Makki the spiritual master of Al-Hallaj.

Mansur Al-Hallaj – Wikipedia

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Whether ultimately it will be a satisfying experience for the general reader is another question. He even showed great admiration for some of Islam’s saints, especially for al-Hallaj.

Literary History of Persia.

Louis Massignon – Wikipedia

Skip to main content. According to Louis Massignon Al-Hallaj was born around AD in Tur a small town of Bayda district, in the center of the southern Iran,which was much influenced by the Arabic language and culture as it was sub-camp of Basara.

He focused increasingly on the work of Mahatma Gandhiwhom he considered a saint. Huysmans’ own conversion to Roman Catholicism was one of the first major inspirations of the young Louis in a friendly tutorial relationship that lasted from till Huysmans’ death in Borrmans, Yet, there is also a tendency of Islam towards non-violence, to be recognized most clearly in the self-offering on Mount Arafat during the hajjthe pilgrimage to Mecca. Notable early Notable modern Singers.


It is therefore a good thing that Princeton University Press has brought out a work that will “render more accessible to the non-specialist reader the dramatic life and radical thought of this extraordinary 10th-century Muslim mystic” p.

This concept also forms the basis for his strong belief in peaceful coexistence among different ethnicities, which made him speak out against the displacement of the Arabs from Palestine, as well as at least initially the decolonization of Algeria that implied the emigration of the French Algerians and Algerian Jews, the Pieds noirsand the end of a multi-religious Algeria.

Given their common origin in Abraham, Christians should always approach Muslims as brothers in Abraham “united by the same spirit of faith and sacrifice”, and offer up their lives for the salvation of the Muslims in mystical substitution, “giving to Jesus Christ, in the name of their brothers, the faith, adoration and love that an imperfect knowledge of the Gospel does not permit them to give”.

Yet he also experienced this visitation as a liberation from his outer captivity, and a promise that he was going to return to Paris. Retrieved from ” https: Massignon died on October 30, and was buried on November 6 in PordicBrittany.

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