Käyttäjän ohjekirja Lucrezia Idro – 04/04/ Hits: – LUCREZIA IDRO BO – LUCREZIA IDRO PE – LUCREZIA . User Manual Lucrezia Idro – hot! 11/26/ Hits: – LUCREZIA IDRO BO – LUCREZIA IDRO PE – LUCREZIA IDRO. Fireplace pellets produced by the Italian company Extraflame. Improved automatic cleaning system of the fuel system. Heat exchanger with manual cleaning.

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Generally, the closed vessel system has one of the following expansion vessels: The mounting of the smoke channels must be carried out in order to guarantee smoke seal for the appliance functioning conditions, limit the forming of condensate and avoid it being transported towards the appliance.

It is therefore recommended to remove the ash in the combustion chamber at least once a week using a suitable suction device. No or inadequate safety zone. The sequence to be followed is the same and is repeated as for the 1st time period switch-on. Check hermetic door closure. The regulation to be performed is a percentage. Check cleanliness of the fumes pipe and the combustion chamber. The smoke channel must have constant section.


It’s lucrfzia community-based project which helps to repair anything. Before using the chrono function, set the current day and time. WARNING It is essential to carry out the functioning inspection of the product before its completion with the relative masonry finishings counterhood, external coating, pilasters, lycrezia painting, etc. The installation must be preceded by checking the chimneys, flues or unload terminals positioning of appliances similarly to: Now you can visit us also in Stara Zagora!

Direct discharge towards closed spaces is forbidden, even with clear sky.

Extraflame Lucrezia Idro

The use of flexible metal and asbestos cement pipes to connect the appliances to the flue is forbidden, even for preexisting smoke channels. Connection between the power supply unit and the valve must be free from interceptions.


Buy a product at our store via “Energy Efficiency” credit in Bulgaria 16 Sep For the heat generator appliances equipped with electric fan 12 for expelling combustion products, the instructions below must be followed: Press button 4 to go back to the previous one. Possible lack of water or leaks due to anomalies in some system component. To ensure correct operation, the stove should have general maintenance performed at least once a year by an authorized technician.

Solar energy 09 Nov Pump operation The pump activates water circulation when the temperature of the water inside the stove reaches approx. Installations not allowed In the room where the heat generator will be installed the following must not pre-exist or be installed: Installation and safety devices The installation, relative system connections, commissioning and inspection of correct functioning must be carried out perfectly, in full compliance with Standards in force, national, regional and municipal, as well as these instructions.

A B Make sure that the ash is completely cold before emptying it into a suitable container. Congratulations to Antoaneta and Stanimira! All electric components that make up the product must be replaced with original spare parts exclusively by an authorised aftersales centre, thus guaranteeing correct functioning.

The chimneys must comply with: The valve load pressure, equal to the calibration pressure, increased by the overpressure, cannot exceed the maximum exercise pressure of the heat generator.

The batteries used contain metals harmful for the environment. The vessel maximum exercise pressure must not be lower than the calibration pressure of the safety valve, increased by overpressures, characteristic of the same valve, bearing in mind the eventual level difference between vessel and valve and the pressure generated by the functioning of the pump.

Intervenes in the event of inadequate water pressure. For diameter of outlet connection it is intended the minimum internal diameter on the valve outlet upstream of the eventual internal threading. Activating OFF, the back light of the display will go off after a preset delay. An elevated return temperature, allows efficiency improvement, reduces formation of combustion product condensation and prolongs the boiler life span.


Position the side tiles in the metal hooks starting from the bottom and going upwards on the two sides of the stove. Press key 2 several times until user is displayed. Type of system There are two different types of system: The warranty also excludes any calibration or regulation interventions of the product in relation to the type of fuel or the type of installation.

All Extraflame products are manufactured according to the following directives: The adjacent room cannot be set up as garage, storage for combustion material or activity with danger of fire.

Fireplace pellets Lucrezia Idro Steel – 25 kW

SuperShield – insulation and protection from mould! The highlighted windows represent menus that will be displayed only if the component domestic hot water storage tank, puffer or instant heat exchanger has been activated in board by the lcrezia staff. The use of counterslope elements is forbidden. Ido Or Single Flue It is forbidden to run other air feed channels or piping for utilities inside the exhaust channels, even if they are oversized.

The flue exhaust motor and the hot air ventilation motor will remain on until the temperature of the stove has dropped below the factory parameters.

Remove the 2 screws that fix the upper grille. Intervenes directly by sending the product into alarm conditions until complete cooling, in the case of:

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