Ludwik Margules (Q). Mexican theatre and film director Ludwik. 0 references. date of birth. 15 December 0 references. place of birth · Warsaw. (–)Mexican director who arrived in Mexico from Poland in and established himself as a premier director of European and North American dramatists. Originary from Poland, exiled in Russia and Tadzhikistan during the Second World War, Ludwik Margules lived in his own flesh the history of the 20th century .

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Please Sign In to see your notification s. Ludwik Margules El director teatral Ludwik Margules Total Comments 0 To post comment you should be logged in. Ludwik Margules Photos View All. Ludwik Margules Videos View All. The theme seems perfectly suited to a director born in Mexico City, who studie Filmowa edukacje dokonczyl wStanach w Maine i Los Angeles, gdzie uczyl go pochodz Ludwik Margules Tweets No tweets found.


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Ludwik Margules

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Ludwik Margules. “The poetry of directing”

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