The LTH Aerodynamics (AD) working group addresses the procedures, data. The updated version of the digitalized issue of the LTH can be obtained at the . About LTH – Aeronautical Engineering Handbook, Information ยท Basic.

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FL – Composite Design Criteria. One free product per order. All papers contained in the LTH have been reviewed and approved by the respective discipline’s specialists committee, which consists of members from industry, institutions, universities and authorities.

The LTH handbook as presented here is a tool for engineers, students, and other interested experts in industry, institutions, universities and authorities to specify, design, develop, verify, qualify, certify and analyse luftfahrttefhnisches aeronautical vehicles, and their systems, engines and equipment.

Luftfahrttechnisches Handbuch: Basic information about LTH

The report of the foundation meeting of the FV – Flight Test Engineering. It governs technical development principles between the contractual partners and airworthiness authorities by means of their acceptance endorsement. This allows for a continuous process of improving existing and collecting new knowledge to optimise the LTH. Basic information about LTH.

Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik and Dr. Current year conference papers are not included. The LTH members are companies, institutions, universities and authorities operating in the field of systems and equipment and cooperating in the preparation of LTH contributions from the individual subject areas in the respective working groups.


AF Aviation Consulting Authority representative: The LTH thus contributes to ensuring successful national products. These funds are supplemented by grants of the German Federal Ministry of Defense from research and technology budget items. SE – Systems Engineering.

Whilst the LTH originally started off in German language only, an approach has now been launched to internationalise the LTH by conversion into the English language, which has already partially been accomplished with a focus on data and software for actual technical problems and questions in aeronautical engineering. All specialists committees allow also other interested national or international parties to attend meetings in a guest status, or to join the committee as a regular member, if jointly accepted by the committee.

Rationalisation is provided via the generic acceptance of many of the shown verification hanrbuch by various civil and military authorities.

Organization of the LTH

The application of the LTH forms the basis of clear contractual relations. A search function is available for data retrieval. It supports engineers in solving specific problems and is also intended to assist young aviation engineers. The LTH is aimed at standardising certain procedures and methods, and collects the knowledge of its members centrally. Publisher of the corresponding volume meetings per year Creation of the individual contributions AD – Aerodynamics Chairman: Skip to main content.

  ISBN 9780761556992 PDF

The Luftfahrttechnisches Handbuch has its roots at the end of the years. Further details of the LTH are provided on the public section of the website: This allows for optimised and accelerated development of aeronautical systems and provides authorities, OEM’s and suppliers with a standardised basis for development and certification. The LTH serves to standardize and rationalize engineering work in all phases of material development and in-service use of aerial vehicles and flight equipment.

It provides support in the fulfillment of company, customer and governmental authorities quality standards and the improvement of German industry competitiveness in international joint projects. KoA – Coordination Committee. AT – Propulsion Technology. In addition, the LTH is not only a compendium – it is also a community of the respective system specialists or, in other words, a network between its members and partners.

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Representatives of participating companiesinstitutionsregulatory agencies, chairpersons of the working groupsLTH Executive Secretary. Create new account Request new password. You can access further portraits of members as soon as they are available. May 18, to May 23,

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