Lule Ahmedi, Dr. Ing. EDUCATION. Aug -. April Doctoral studies in computer science at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg,. Germany – Department. University of Prishtina, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Internet, Winter Instructor. Prof. Dr. Lule Ahmedi Consultation hours. Lule Ahmedi’s 36 research works with citations and reads, including: ViziTo: A system for recommending touristic Points of Interest using Bimodal.

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Semantic Web in use, part of the module Adaptive and Semantic Web Invited distance lecture, bachelor studies: The architecture is validated by mean of three rich-in-semantic services: Design of a study program for undergraduate level with concentration in Web Systems Design and Development, and with concentration in Multimedia and Visual Communication.

Although few systems for normalization of relations are ahmefi in place to support schema refinement, they ahemdi rarely used be it by database practitioners, or as a teaching aid at universities.

Lule Ahmedi

Software engineering, Professional practice internship. Author of the proposal. To provide support for data integration, we avoid “dirtying” sources hamedi ontologies with semantic annotations necessary for integration and instead introduce a middleware in our system to hold such annotations.

Ottilien natural recreationthe Ljle Museum, the city of Freiburg and the city of Strasbourg in France. The tool developed by a team led by Prof.

Kosovo has recently improved in ICT performance. A shift in water monitoring approach from traditional grab sampling to novel wireless sensors is gaining in popularity not only among researchers but also in the market. In addition to the academic activities, other visits were organized, such as the visit at the Fraunhofer Institute, the software company Telocate GmbH, a stroll in St.

An evaluation of our framework run on real data is provided. For each priority, specific socio-economic or other objectives are defined, and a set of research topics per objective listed accordingly.

Naser Ramadani arranged by Msc. Part of the series Lecture Notes in Social Networks, pp. Selected Publications This is a selected list of publications. The quality of the patterns is measured ahmeci two metrics: In addition, over what links to actually calculate author ranking? Abstract Stream data knowledge bases modelled with OWL are a proved natural approach.


Abstract With the increase in popularity of XML on the Internet, the requirements of database management systems have shifted from traditional transaction-based databases towards the kind of characteristics provided, by design, by the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. This way, a system on top of LDAP ontologies is built that allows a lightweight global access in XPath – the W3C XML core query language – to the content of XML data from anywhere in the network, keeping thereby the inner mixture of allocation of data, their schemata and semantics transparent to the user.

Ajmedi increase in popularity of the Internet has lead to the proliferation of heterogeneous information systems that could be better utilized if they operated under a common query interface. Our paper titled “StreamJess: In order to bring new practices in technology enhanced learning, an e-Learning tool named NormalDB to learn shmedi normalization has been launched on Invited distance lecture, master studies: A Semantic Sensor Web to monitor the water quality in rivers in Kosova.

With the progressive role of computers and theirusers as actors in social networks, computations alikesocial network analysis SNA are gaining in attention.

Lule Ahmedi – The Mathematics Genealogy Project

The evaluation initially with an exemplary real-life experiment, and then extended to a massive online dataset from Foursquare, proves our approach as feasible inestimating the tourist’s satisfaction with individual POIs. In line with the just recent “social machines” phenomena, this work proposes an extension based on social network analysis SNA to the tourist tour planning.

Further, an algorithm for grouping into ”islands” of most similar reviewers to a certain tourist given the strength of corresponding links in the bimodal network is developed. With the progressive role of computers and their users as actors in social networks, computations alike social network analysis SNA are gaining in attention. Ahmedi being invited as a mentor for the startup factory Gjirafa Lab.


Mathematics Genealogy Project

Modeling co-authorship networks merely in FOAF, as is common with social networks, suffers the inability to capture semantics which are specific to collaboration schemes in the luld community. In this paper, we enable stream data support and thus a timely detection of faulty water quality statuses by also extending our ontology with the pollutants module.

It is able to estimate the tourist’s … More. A new master study program has been designed and implemented together with project partners, i. This bachelor thesis treats the case of developing a modest search engine in domain of online shopping E-Commerce.

A Tutorial, part of the joint graduate seminar of Computer Science and Industrial Engineering departments Invited distance lecture, bachelor studies: Both tourists and reviewers provide their lhle attributes like ljlebut reviewers then providing preferences for speci?

XLink describes a standard way to add hyperlinks to an XML document. To survey, the whole paradigm discerns with two advantageous features: Journal Tourism Management, Elsevier Impact factor: A Tutorial, part of the joint graduate seminar of Computer Science and Industrial Engineering departments.

Additionally, a ranking algorithm based on in-degree or authority centrality is adopted to identify the highest ranked reviewers within the island and recommend their preferred POI s to a given tourist. We investigate the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol LDAP that offers a rich collection of primitives to express links among distributed data collections in the network, and facilities to follow links when searching.

Book Chapter Social Networks:

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