LX90 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: View and Download Meade LX90 instruction manual online. 8” Schmidt- Cassegrain Telescope AutoStar LNT SmartFinder. LX90 Telescope pdf manual. the playback environment (Application Manual) Setting the speaker system for high sound quality multi-channel music sources. (DVD Audio discs and.

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The premium quality of Pressing GO TO again resumes the slew to the object. Page of 60 Go. Page 42 Power Cord: Customer Service hours are 7: Use manuap Arrow keys to move the telescope until the star is centered in the eyepiece.

If looking through the Meade LX90 user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions:.

Pdf Download | Pioneer SC-LX90 User Manual ( pages)

Equatorial polar Alignment In order to Polar align your telescope, it is essential to have an understanding of how and where to locate celestial objects as they move across the sky.

Astronomical Observing As the Earth rotates beneath the night sky, the stars appear to move from East to West.

Remember, never use a telescope to look at the Sun! Press GO TO a second time to slew the telescope to that star. Photography With The Lx90 35mm frame Fig.


Rotate the focus knob counterclockwise to focus on distant objects, and clockwise to focus on nearby objects. Mwnual step is also optional. Visit the Meade web site www. Setup Menu Cord Wrap, when set to “On,” moves the telescope in such a way as to kanual the cords and cables attached to your telescope assembly from getting wound around the assembly and tangled as the telescope slews to objects.

AutoStar provides a database of bright Begin polar aligning the telescope by locating Polaris.

As Venus orbits the Sun, observers can see it go through phases crescent, half, and full much like those of the Moon. Keep in mind that, with the 26mm eyepiece, the field of view of the LX90 is about 0. AutoStar displays information about the comet from its database.

TITLE Title must be the first keyword in your tour after any comment lines and must be 15 characters Aligning SmartFinder In order for the SmartFinder to be useful, it must first be aligned with the main telescope, so The speed at which the stars move is called the sidereal rate.

Use the Scroll Up and Down keys to display the available data. The alignment star will be easy to recognize—it will be the brightest star in the area of the sky where the telescope is pointing.


LX90 ACF/SC Manual (Size: 4 MB)

You do not have to print the entire manual Meade LX90 but the selected pages only. Setting Circles Setting circles included with the LX90 permit the location of faint celestial objects not easily found by direct visual observation. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Tour Modes The objects chosen for a tour list are selected from AutoStar’s database or by entering the object’s RA and Dec coordinates.

Obtain a rough polar alignment as described earlier. Cast-aluminum, double-tine forks Gears If you do not immediately see the object you are seeking, try searching the adjacent sky area. Satellite orbits change and new satellites including the Space Shuttle are launched. Page 56 Listed below are the best planets for viewing through the LX Note that the R.

The Declination circle 11, Fig. Verify that AutoStar is properly connected to your telescope.

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