ARMY TM &P* AIR FORCE TO 11W TECHNICAL M68 SIGHT, REFLEX, W/QUICK RELEASE MOUNT AND SIGHT MOUNT M68 Cco Tm Manual Army – p s – scribd TM. CHAPTER I. PRESENTATION. Aimpoint CompM4 Reflex Sight is a rugged precision red dot Sight developed mainly for military and law enforcement. M68 SIGHT, REFLEX, W/QUICK RELEASE MOUNT AND SIGHT MOUNT CLOSE COMBAT OPTIC (CCO) (NSN ) (NSN ).

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Identify the item on the figure and note the number s. Multilayer coating for reflection of red light. Inspect the battery housing assembly during every battery change. For night vision operations, close front lens cover before turning switch knob to positions 1 thru 4 Comp M2 or positions 1 thru 7 Comp M4. Turn switch knob 2 clockwise until red dot appears. This includes scheduled inspection and gagings and evaluation of cannon tubes.

Gives you the number of the item illustrated. Upon completion of zeroing you now have a battle sight zero of meters.

Army Publishing Directorate

Insert spare battery 2 into the double battery holder 3. Verify that red dot is present. Insert O-ring 2 around battery cylinder housing 3. If zeroing is accurate, fire three more shots to confirm.

The complete kit must be requisitioned and applied. Remove switch knob 2 from shaft 3.

Replace adjustment screw cap 1 by turning it clockwise until snug. If gm third position of the SMR code authorizes you to replace the item, but the source code indicates the item is assembled at a higher level, order the item from the higher level of maintenance.


Comments So empty here For a detailed explanation of these functions refer to Maintenance Functions outlined above. Column 3 lists the functions to be performed on the item listed in column 2.

Below Depot Sustainment maintenance can remove, replace, and use the item. Next week we will continue our discussion on the CCO, as we discuss how to zero it properly. The Internet address is http: This column lists the items to be checked or serviced. Remove strap 2 around adjustment screw housing 3 and from cap 1. An example can be illustrated by holding up your hand with the index finger pointing up, close one eye, then rapidly open and close the other eye.

When applicable, this column contains a letter code, in alphabetical order, which is keyed to the remarks table entries. If the spring connector becomes corroded, clean it with hm wire brush.

TM 9-1240-413-13&P S60288

The tools and test equipment requirements table immediately following the MAC lists the tools and test equipment both special tools and common tool sets required for each maintenance function xco referenced from the MAC. Install front and rear lens covers 1 over torque knob 2.

Column 2 – Remarks. The manufacturer’s part number. Cdo tools to tighten adjustments caps will damage threads. If the pad covers the spring post completely, the sight will not function. Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of contents or reconstruction of the document. Insert a jewelers screwdriver into battery cap 1 or double battery holder and gently pry out rubber seal 3.


If youve taken the time necessary to read this section, and are sure of the location and arrangement of the different sections of this TM, you are ready to begin. However, the complete NSN should be used when ordering items by stock number. So where do you start? The pad should allow the spring connector in the center to protrude a slight amount from the top of the pad. The code recorded in column 6 of the MAC.

Base assembly damaged in such a way that sight cannot be installed. Column 3 Rm Function.

It is designed to be parallax-free at distances exceeding fifty meters. Insert a jewelers screwdriver between the adjustment screw housing 2 and O-ring 3 and gently pry off the O-ring.

The M68 Close Combat Optic |

The construction parameters are based on the actual performance of the gun and sight during the moment of firing. Ensure that both adjustment caps are present and that their threads are clean and undamaged. Ensure cck battery cap and two adjustment screw caps are tight before exposing the sight to mud or snow.

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