The late John L. Mackie, formerly of University College, Oxford. The Miracle of Theism. J. L. MACKIE. New York: Oxford University. Press, p. Cloth $, paper $ Faith and Rationality. ALVIN PLANTINGA and . The Miracle of Theism. Arguments For and Against the Existence of God. John L. Mackie. Publication Date – January ISBN: pages.

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Like David Hume, his greatest critical work on religion was published posthumously, following his death in This is a nice middle-ground between George Smith and Michael Martin, more on Smith’s side of things in miracls of ease of reading. In diesem Buch findet man ontologische, kosmologische, moralische und teleologische Argumente. Sean Strnad rated it it was amazing Jun 18, Furthermore, Mackie was able to give the most charitable interpretation possible to any theistic arguments from Descartes to Kierkegaard.

Phil Greaney rated it really liked it Dec 29, Thanks for telling us about the problem. Want to Read saving…. Mike rated it it was amazing May miraxle, Tweet Share on Tumblr. If you are not up to date on their writings, again you will feel as though there are holes in your understanding and find it difficult to grasp the significance of Mackie’s objections to theism.

Arguments for Theism, Misc in Philosophy of Religion categorize this paper. Naarmate het boek naar het einde nadert begint zijn schr; uitgeleend aan Marnix The Existence of God. Chapter nine shifts from theistic arguments to the atheistic argument from evil.

Lists with This Book. Arguments for and Thiesm the Existence of God. Interestingly, though, the first chapter takes a more down-to-earth approach, looking at miracles and testimony through the arguments of David Hume. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


I have quite a lot of disagreements with some of the ideas which J.

The Miracle of Theism – Paperback – John L. Mackie – Oxford University Press

My brain was certainly broken. This entry has no external links. Zach Christensen rated it it was amazing May 19, Mackie was a 20th century philosopher best known for his critiques of religion and meta-ethics.

Mackie puts forth, but a lot of the arguments pf really good. In terms of contemporary theists, Richard Swinburne and Alvin Plantinga are given special attention throughout this work, especially Swinburne. Plantinga, Swinburne, and the Analytic Defense of Theism. He concludes that although religious experience cannot serve to show the existence of a being possessing any of the traditional attributes of god, neither can any of the alternative naturalistic theories of religion account for all religious experience without committing a genetic fallacy.

For further discussion, see my article on The Ontological Argument for God. Atheists and theists who are use Makcie a Christian, I have been tired of the neo-Athiest mckie and its caustic rhetoric. Mackie is thorough, but not so thorough as to make Mr Mackie does an above average job of introducing arguments for the existence of god.

The Miracle of Theism: Arguments for and Against the Existence of God

The late John L. This article has no associated abstract.

The Miracle of Theism By J. WordPress blog themesKids tablet and Photography themes. This creation of supervenient value, as Mackie terms it, is indistinguishable from the creation of supervenient value undertaken by many dictators tehism monarchs down through human history, imposing their own codes of conduct onto their subjects. Rehashes old arguments you should have had in Phil But midacle this means that the natural features cannot themselves be intrinsically action-guiding.


For further discussion, see my article on The Cosmological Argument for God. What does it mean to suggest that god has given us obligations that are intrinsically action-guiding? The Miracle of Theism February 23,In: Sign in Create an account.

The Miracle of Theism

Monthly downloads Sorry, there are not enough data points to plot this chart. Compliments aside, I did find that Mackie doesn’t appear to offer any positive arguments for atheism. Mackie – – Philosophical Review 95 2: Trivia About The Miracle of Th Patrick Loobuyck – – Heythrop Journal 51 2: This seems an apt description of the monotheistic deity conceived of during the Middle Ages, which served as the focus of theological musings like those of Anselm and Aquinas, whose arguments and beliefs greatly helped to shape what is often called traditional theism.

The Miracle of Theism is regarded today as one of the most influential and forceful analyses of religion, particularly coming from an atheistic position. Chapter seven addresses the argument from consciousness, noting how theism takes the physical connection between intentions and their fulfillment i. The Miracle of Theism: Written in the 80’s, the book still holds its own.

Mackie Clarendon Press,Pp. Mackie, formerly of University College, Oxford. Mar 06, Ginger Griffin rated it it was amazing. It is, without a doubt, an essential text for those interested in philosophy of religion.

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