Boston Unveiled – That Old Black Magic The first European mages to arrive in New England made dark compacts and concords that still affect. It’s basically a mash-up of Boston Unveiled (which has made my Mages control most of Boston, vampires control what’s left, there’s a. Mage: The Awakening—Boston Unveiled. White Wolf Publishing. * (based on 1 rating). WWP Our Price: $ Unavailable. Facebook.

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Graves allowed several mages to escape by pulling in the shadows and obscuring the attackers vision. The team split up and while some went to the crime scene the other group went to the morgue….

The team set a trap and destroyed a major support pillar and caused the ceiling to crash. Includes new spells to cast, and much unvelied for Mage players.

Revlon got an attitude with what was apparently an evil mage of sorts and the Emerald Scroll was destroyed when another mage intervened. I do think he has become an Archmage at that point, though? I’m Shipping up to Boston.

I knew I wanted some kind of over-arching doom plot that all roads eventually lead toward. Time became an issue and Revlon dispatched the Senator in an all too bloody fashion. Eventually the mage line started to show its strengths and along came some powerful fiction pieces too, that finally let me grok BU. I have approximate knowledge of many mabe.

Search in titles only. In the spirit of sharing and storytelling, what have you done with the Boston supplement? Anyway, that was all I managed to suss out from the Anthology, Dave’s post, the unveilee from books and how IM thee seeking and Archmastery. That’s not what my issue is. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.


BOSTON begins with the secret history of the place city and colonywhat went on behind the Sleeper scenes, how power was gained and lost.

White Wolf – Mage The Awakening Boston Unveiled WW40200

The man in the bathroom was apparently some sort of guardian helping the girl to hunt at night. Malcolm said so years ago. JavaScript is currently disabled.

Yeah the Nemean is a scary guy and he has some other scary guys who back him up, like The Ax. Aurora heads to Boston Common with dumpling and discovered a cordoned off crime scene. What have you done with it? Inside the consilium mages are discussing that the Nemean has gone missing and that the Ebon Noose are out scouting the region for amswers.

White Wolf Publishing; 1st edition October 31, Language: As Paige entered the room she saw a male sneaking down the hall and open a bathroom door to find an old man sleeping in front of a curtained off bathtub. My only complaint, and the only omission from the book, is something of a tourist guide to the town; what is there to see and do. It’ll either be great or a total disaster! While distracting the mafia thugs Revlon dealt with another task of a senator hampering the Special Media Group goals of launching a satellite for unknown reasons.

The shipping containers were looted for many things, unfortunately many were lost when a portal book was opened and Revlon was sucked in with several possessions.


Morvron led Revlon, Paige, Graves, and Septino on a trip to a crypt that they believe to be a mummy who might be able to aid the Consilium. The Nemean is plenty powerful, and plenty brutal. Tiki showed the group the master which turned out to be a Leshen who the group wisely offered a sacrafice to and the group was permitted to pass unharmed. I’m not sure I like Mama Desta as an antagonist, given the weird breast-feeding child soul theft thing and how it unveilfd definitely weird out my players?


White Wolf – Mage The Awakening Boston Unveiled WW | eBay

They are given the general area and using fate arcana Mockmar was able to steer the group towards the location of an old stone building converted into apartment lofts. It was a show on the history channel about the city of Boston and it’s history during the Revolutionary War that inspired me to pick up this book. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. A member at the table suddenly callapses and spirit enteties erupt from him and attack the group.

Revlon was then escorted in the direction of Salem and upon arrival he sees Barrons and a few other werewolves preparing for an assault.

Boston Unveiled: What have you done with it? – Onyx Path Forums

The remaining mages grouped outside the building when the house was reduced to rubble as something inside had gone off. More importantly, how do the major cabals react? Also I recall that he speaks to the Old Man on the edge of the Ocean Ourbouros or however that’s spelt and goes inside his Hut but cannot recall if he tricks him or is tricked or whatever.

He wants to create an environment where the mages in his Consilium are eventually forced to overthrow and replace him, ideally with someone wiser and more capable as Hierarch.

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