In this follow-up to our Maglite LED product line review, we will be featuring the recently released Maglite XL LED flashlight! This is. A revolutionary breakthrough in flashlight technology, designed for optimum light output, the new MAGLITE® XL™LED flashlight delivers user-friendly. Buy Maglite XL LED Flashlight featuring LED Lamp, 83 Lumens Powered by 3 AAA Alkaline Batteries. Review Maglite.

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Body The entire light is type-II anodized aluminum inside and out. Signal Since the switch on the light is neither a forward nor a reverse clicky, there is no way to signal with the light. No original accessories are available for this light at the time, but I was informed that Maglite is currently working on accessories which will be available soon.

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Maglite XL100 LED Flashlight Review

May 14, at The magliye is simple enough for anyone to use, but can also be completely ignored if multi-mode is not your thing. If full brightness is all msglite need, you can safely ignore the markings on the tail cap and skip to the next section of this article.

Included in the blister packaging are: If the button is not released, the light can be rotated left and right to adjust the strobe speed. All other functions do not work.

Same Problem as above. Nite light is actually my favorite feature. The light will remember the setting after switching off, and the memory function does not use power to retain the setting. Engineered from the ground up, magite advanced maglote instrument is driven by the next generation of Mag-LED technology and includes the Advanced Flashlight User Interface with 5 selectable modes.

This is where the magic happens! November 30, at Press the button again to disengage. A typical quality alkaline AAA has a capacity of about mAh, which means that a set of brand new alkaline batteries will be completely drained after three years.


I have had this light for a couple of years now but have generally stayed away from carrying 3aaa lights with the carrier, mainly because el-cheapo lights like that have very delicate carriers. Normal With the light horizontal and the DIM label at the top, press and hold the switch. I agree with Maglitf.

Carrifee, I had to search the YouTube videos just to figure out how to operate it.

Maglite XL LED Flashlight Review – LED-Resource

February 4, at March 29, at 7: To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about the new motion control interface until I got a chance to try it out. After flipping the batteries and inserting the naglite backwards, I noticed that the tail cap would not screw on all the way, and the light does not turn on.

Constant pressure from the battery springs often strain the plastic to the point of breaking, and dislodged batteries after dropping the light is not unheard of. The instructions packed with the light are way inadequate! The brightness setting of the light does not affect the Nite Lite mode, so if the light is moved, the light will go back to full power. Interesting to note here is that the light does not use the flashlight body to complete the circuit from the tail of the light to the LED module, unlike x100 other lights.

However, light output will decrease with reduced battery voltage due to this drain, so the XL would not make a good choice as an emergency light, unless the batteries are stored seperately which is recommended practice even for lights without a standby drain, because of the tendency for alkaline batteries to leak.

The key highlight of this light is motion control variable power setting, which is the first of its kind and maglits fumbling through different modes a thing of the past. May 14, at 9: User initiated signal on-off SOS Mode: Automatically dims to a low setting Signal Mode: Not sure if the tailcaps need to be sent back, or if they can just send a replacement. Performance This light is rated for 83 lumens and meters of throw. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.


I had been waiting for a tactical mag forever. The packaging may be updated in the future to reflect this new information.

This light is rated for 83 lumens and meters of throw. As always, the light is easy to grip and will not easily slide out of your grip. March 18, at 3: Well done, Mag Lite! Many low-cost LED lights use the 3AAA form factor because the voltage mablite 3AAA batteries is capable of directly powering the LEDs, but this form factor usually requires a plastic caddy to hold the batteries and is generally considered undesirable in high performance lights.

August 9, at 9: Carrifee, I spend like 5 min trying to rotate the rubber switch to change modes. I will need to wait until the remaining backordered lights x,100 in before I know how many do not work properly. In The Box Included in the blister packaging are: Stays easier in the hand and very easy to find with a decent long red string.

MagLite XL LED Flashlight – Red from

September 25, at 7: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. To disable the light, point the light upwards, press the switch, point the light downwards, and release. Once the desired brightness is achieved, releasing the switch will set the brightness. The beam can be adjusted from a spot to flood mqglite, and it is powered by 3 AA alkaline batteries.

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