Instead of trying to develop its own 20mm QR system, Magura simply licensed the Maxle design from RockShox. Out of the box, the axle threads felt rougher. The Magura Wotan is Magura’s first proper entry in the all-mountain/freeride fork market. Hello Folks, I’ve had a Wotan for a few weeks now and thought I’d share EDIT: I finally managed to get a hold of Magura, explained the travel.

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The mid-travel suspension market is starting to get a bit crowded with contenders these days. I’m convinced that initial suppleness has little effect on performance though and would rather have a fork jagura has a load of low speed damping and stays high in it’s travel then something super supple but too active. Dont hate until youve ridden one.

Like I said, it fits 2.

There are not one but two arches, and neither of them are there just for looks. Here is a home experiment for you to do: I agree that have another option in the fork market is a good thing, for both the consumer and industry.

I run a totem, but this is looking pretty sweet because of the weight drop. Out maghra the trails the Wotan is fantastic. What can possibly be better about less travel? Caiokv May 23, at 9: The various adjustments make it extremely versatile. Ralfinger May 25, at 3: If you are not interested you can unsubscribe at any time. Don’t have an account? This fork is mint!


Maghra bikes now are crazy advanced though. Way better than the System of the Rockshox Totem, for example Sweet double archs, fit the fork, but maybe a bit heavier? By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies.

And for good reason, whether we like it or not most of us are better off on something with a bit less length than our current forks. Why are you negative propping him, he just gave some useful advice!

There are 0 comments. Magura has a couple of new forks forone a new version of an existing fork and the other completely new. Flight control is very nice on tough uphills and it works flawlessly. Again, riding a fork that has some compression damping keeps the fork higher up in its travel, slightly stiffer and allows you to use more body-english in riding rather than allowing the fork to do all the work.

It wasn’t as easy to snap the bike around. Going from a Rock Shox Lyrik I found the Wotan to be not as lively in technical singletrack and a little sluggish. DannyBMX17 May 23, at Rockshox is made in Taiwan. Such as this fork, But I think we just have to deal with what ever looks the companys come out with We will never sell your data and you’ll only get messages from us and our partners whose products and services we think you’ll enjoy.


It’s Pronounced Voo-Taan! – Magura Wotan Fork Review – Pinkbike

Hi Great info on these forks. The Lyrik has a much tighter turning radius compared to the Wotan. This is my interpretation of the author’s comments. With the Wotan I would notice that sometimes I nagura have to pull up and almost swing the front wheel around in the apex of the turn, as opposed to carving the corner.

Magura Wotan

Spell not speel and than and not them But these forks look mint, but magurq cant help to say that forks arent that different these days, the market is too crowded, but thats just what i mean.

They changed a couple of things for Now cut the tube open lengthwise single arch and perform the same test. Bar mounted Flight Control unit. A big slack bike will always be faster on the burly stuff and I’m mxgura going to lie, for the last few seasons all my personal bikes have been DH bikes.

I’d take this fork over any conflict, and the cost? IsakL May 25, at

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