PHP Mail_mime::addAttachment – 30 examples found. $attachments) { require_once ”; require_once ‘Mail/’; require_once ‘Mail/mail. php’;. Try this: Saving the PDF file to server (make sure you have writing permissions for that folder!): See more at. PHP send mail/email + attachment script //$mime->addAttachment($file.

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For example, your script sends one mali. This did in fact produce the desired PDF. If you want to add inline images and reference them in your HTML you wddattachment use the fully qualified system path. I don’t really care about changing permissions and all that, I’m mostly worried about getting this attachment to work properly and I don’t know if the ownership of the PDF would affect the ability of the script to attach it to an email. Sorry my Ubuntu terminology is poor haha.

Manual :: generation and sending of a MIME mail

Check the file name and afdattachment. View this page in: S earch for in the Packages This site using Yahoo! And so on for three, four, five, whatever lines.


The operation not permitted means your user doesn’t have privileges to run chown. If sending an HTML message with embedded images, use this function to add the image. And if that doesn’t work, try becoming root for real first sudo su – chown This is my problem Bandwidth and hardware provided by: Please file a bug report.

Aaddattachment changed to the superuser or whatever the proper term is and used chown and chgrp to change ownership to “john doe”. And you should also check for errors when adding the attachment and possibly elsewhere when using pear classes.

I hope this message ripens this pear package end-user manual a wee bit more making mwil ready to eat, straight from branch. Not sure if they will or not, but I always avoid them.

Mail_mime::addAttachment PHP Method Code Examples – HotExamples

I “sudo su www-data” but I wasn’t sure how to call the script from the terminal once I changed the user. So far i’ve only seen Thunderbird support embedded style sheets addattachmdnt i hope more mail clients start to.

I found out that when you are adding html images inline you need to make sure what kind of transport you use. Omitting the parameter thus using the default value works fine! This allows the fifth parameter for the PHP mail function to be included as a parameter to Mail:: However I did figure out the problem.


PHP Cookbook by Adam Trachtenberg, David Sklar

I recommend this function be renamed to addInlineAttachment since it doesn’t specifically apply to images. See the source code for more information. You may get it like this: When I switched addattachent “smtp” everything worked perfectly.

Mon, 31 Dec — Download Documentation. I don’t see it documented, but there is a second parameter that you have to pass if you want to overwrite the headers. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think this should work: Please file a bug report.

Bandwidth and hardware provided by: This is how it worked for me:

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