Repetitive tasks which are tedious, and require manual labour can be automated using Rexx. Just like you use the FIND, CHANGE, SAVE. If you are developing or maintaining the traditional mainframe . To run the tutorials on this blog, you will need access to an IBM mainframe. The REXX Tutorial. Contents. Introductory text; 1. Creating a Rexx program; 2. Doing arithmetic; 3. Errors; 4. Untyped data; 5. More on variables; 6. Functions; 7.

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The other benefit is make the tasks interesting instead of boring, manual and repetitive.

More Articles From Michael Cairns. It provides a lot of functions to do string manipulations, number functions, Parsing funcitons in addition to the functions provided by ISPF and other services. Read The Current Issue: We’ll introduce you to the hardware and peripherals.

Learning the REXX Language

Giving Users What They Need. This helps your friends understand your code. It does this either through a simple program or by using other ISPF facilities like Panels, Skeletons more about them later.

If you would like to change your cookie settings at any time please view our privacy policy for additional information. What are the Layout-rules in Rexx? Process the contents of the stem variable separately.


The REXX Tutorial

It is a free format language. To continue an instruction over to the next line, put a comma. Look at the below screenshot, on how to run REXX If you are developing or maintaining the traditional mainframe based applications, you would have heard of programming language called REXX Restructured EXtended eXecutor Language.

This blog is an effort to make learning REXX easier. The variable text is assigned the character string ‘I am learning Rexx’. This is an introductory tutorial that covers the basics of Rexx and how to deal with its various components and sub-components.

Readers based in Indiacan buy the e-book for Rs. Every Rexx program should contain the word “Rexx” in its first line of source-code. The first service that a typical user uses is TSO Time sharing option. So, say number would display the value 5 on the Mainframe Screen.

The REXX Tutorial

However, it will help if you have some prior exposure on programming languages, data processing, and generating reports. X We use cookies to optimize your visit to our website.

  ASTM F1281 PDF

The name of my program is REXX Essentially, everything that you do on a mainframe is a command. Learn to indent rexx instructions inside if-conditions, loops etc. You will find easy to understand tutorials and lessons for REXX here. It is an elementary tutorial and you can easily understand the concepts explained here with a basic futorial of how a company or an organization deals with its scripting languages and programs.

Instead, you can write a simple rexx program not exceeding 20 lines and you will get your result. There are various components of BCP, that provide various services to the mainframe users. You may not have had chance to learn it simply because the application was mainly written in COBOL and that maiinframe your primary focus.

To allocate a dataset using TSO, you give the command. Once you code a Rexx Program, you don’t have to compile it.

Michael can be reached at mike. Its goal is to make scripting as easy, fast, reliable, and error-free as possible.

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