English Translation of the Shri Malini Vijayouttara Tantra. Malini Vijayottara Tantra is esteemed as the Highest Tantra in the Kashmir School of Shaivism. A Seminal Translation – partial unfortunately. It is further stated in the Mālinīvijaya Tantra: This is said in Mālinī Vijaya Tantra: The yogi who does not maintain awareness at the time he achieves supreme.

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The first deals with it as dwelt upon here and there in the sacred texts.

Malini Vijayottara Tantra In English | malinivijaya

October 27, at 3: Tantric view of Moksha. He must have had an established practice in the suppression of breath. The rosy path of the Tantric is beset with thorns here and there. The performance of the present day Vedic ceremonies by the Kashmiris, which run side by side with those of the Tantras and which are sometimes intermixed with the latter, leads to believe that the Tantras are either an imitation or a development of, or an improvement upon the Vedic ceremonies.

Similarly, other principles know each a further reduction of two standpoints up to the last principle of Siva which has no diversity. The Tantric supplement is useful, in the opinion of the Tantrist, to quicken and ensure the fulfilment of desires in the Kali age. Baba on Malini Vijayottara Tantra In….

Track 7 Malinivijaya tantra

It is viaya worthwhile looking at both Shiva Sutras and the notes attached, as well as the Netra Tantra and our abstract of the Vijnanabhairavawhich may also be found on this site. All the above forms of inspiration are susceptible of being interpreted in the light of the fivefold state, waking, dreaming, dreamless, the fourth and beyond the fourth.

It is consequently out of copyright. It is copied on Kashmirian paper in Devanagari character. Do read the book intro to tantraloka by Navjivan Rastogiji vikaya http: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The disciples are fully under the sanctifying influence of Vijzya.


The points, that vihaya not: Sambhava fantra the state which is produced by the deep and penetrative spiritual insight involving absolutely no mental concentration on any particular object. He must have overcome sleep, anger and the mental restlessness and must be altogether impervious to pain.

It is to this end that they consecrate their lives and gain the highest status in spirituality. The same Tantram, under the charge of his religious preceptor, was transcribed on Wednesday by the learned Govindasrama, son of Sri Nonda Pandita. In addition to the assistance derived from the collation of the above MSS.

I believe that in the time of the Sri Svacchanda either the order of the alphabet from ‘ na’ to ‘pha’ was unknown or less appreciated and therefore less in vogue, or that the followers of the Svacchanda did not believe in the Malinimata. Pls await daily snippets tantrs Translation.

Pratyabhijna Sastra, text content are highly metaphysical chief eponymous school started by Somananda with its Shiva drsti vision of Shivaanother major work of his disciple Isvara Pratyabhijna Utpaladeva.

The origin of the sacred lore or Agama is very beautifully painted in the rich vocabulary of Tantraloka. The Uttaramalini in which also Sakti appears is referred to above. His body is the temple and his soul the idol in it.

Siva is the lord Himself. Its abnormal prolixity necessitated its being summarised in three crore verses, the chief topic dealt with therein being the path of yoga.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The first verse of the Tantram he took up in his Malinivijaya varttika and explained it so thoroughly that connotations of several terms are made clearly intelligible. The second class contains eighteen systems and propounds the doctrine of duality-unity or Bhedabheda.

The sweet cup of nectar, which it holds in its outstretched palms, can be enjoyed by both the high and the low. This is why the Tantras are popular and have a large following. Abstract The great sages Narada and others, feeling athirst under the holy inspiration of Sivasakti for the right realisation of the Supreme Principle, repair to Kumara and, after paying due homage, request him to initiate them in the mystic processes of yoga.


Its importance lies in its being correct and its containing variae lectiones which proved tanrra useful in the collation work. There are a few blanks in the MS.

It is correct and complete but with small lacunae here and there. A living force is created by placing the letters in a certain systematic order by the Sadhaka. Their mantras are to be formed by prefixing the syllables ‘om’ and ‘hrim’ and affixing the word ‘namah’ at the end. The 10th adhikara continues this theme by discussing abhisheka, while chapter 11 deals with initiation diksha proper. Anyway, Abhinavagupta, the greatest Trika Master, does not seem to be very interested in these karma-s.

Kashmiri Shaivism

In case the Sadhaka aspires after the attainment of the stage of Acarya, he must acquire a higher mode of initiation leading to enjoyment both here and hereafter.

When by the proper and satisfactory discharge of the duties prescribed for him, the disciple gives an unmistakable proof of his ardent admiration for the Saivism and when consequently the Saiva teacher also feels justified in initiating him in its mysteries by his own conviction in the depth and genuineness of the disciple’s longing for the same, the latter should have the mystic diagrams drawn on the carefully selected piece of ground in conformity with the rules and regulations detailed in the Malinivijayatantram.

A candidate for that must have curbed his passions to the entire subjugation of the mind.

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