Shell Malleus Grease OGH Shell Malleus Greases JB – Parsian Super Lubricants Shell Malleus Grease GL Superior Performance Open Gear. You are here: Home SHELL MALLEUS GREASE OGH (KG). Friday, 21 Dec Product Categories. Automotive Lubricants · ATF and Power Steering. MSDS Details. Product Name: Shell Malleus Grease OGH Product Code: Language: English Regulation: CHIP, 67//EEC Manufacturer: Shell Pakistan .

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Original Shell Malleus Ogh 0 Horsepower Scholar Ogh0 Open Gear Lubricants

The bolted connection must be capable of maintaining a pre-designated preload during the entire life of the bearing. Relubrication is absolutely essential before and after prolonged shutdown of the equipment. Lgh bearing should be rotated during relubrication. Lubrication and Maintenance CAUTION Risk of skin irritation caused by lubricants Safety gloves must be mzlleus when handling lubricants Pay attention to the producer’s data All the grease nipples must be easily accessible, lubrication lines must be provided if necessary.

This is because the tooth ogg should always have sufficient grease applied relative to both the application and the duty. Optimum use of lubricant and intervals increase the availability of the system.

The greases listed in the table are approved for our slewing bearings and tested for compatibility with the materials which we use for our spacers and seals. In case of open questions ThyssenKrupp Rothe Erde must be contacted.


The grease fill prevents friction, provides protection against corrosion and is a component of the seal. We recommend repeating this measurement at suitable intervals.

Bearing to be dismantled. Malleeus intervals for the gear We recommend automatic gear lubrication. The only lubrication to be used on the raceway is KP2K grease, i.

Special lubricants are necessary if the bearings are used in extreme temperatures.

Table of grease replacement — VMPAUTO

Checking of the seal Check seals at least every 6 months, renew the seal if it is damaged. Navigation Table of contents previous page next page. Risk of skin irritation caused by lubricants Safety gloves must be worn when handling lubricants Pay attention to the producer’s data.

Experience has shown that it is advisable to check the bolt torques on a regular basis and to retighten the bolts to compensate for any settlement phenomena. Bogie bearings for railway and tram vehicles as well jalleus bearings for wind energy turbines are subject to special requirements, and ThyssenKrupp Rothe Erde should be contacted in such cases.


Shell Malleus OGH 0 open gear grease

Bearing rings and rolling elements to be taken to the relevant material recycling points. The raceway lubricants listed in the table can be mixed together. Effective lubrication is essential for the raceway system and the gearing. Relubrication of the raceway system The bearing should be malleuss during relubrication until oghh fresh collar of grease is seen to form around the whole circumference of the bearing gaps and lip seals.


Obtain confirmation of suitability from the lubricant manufacturer before using other lubricants. The properties must at least correspond to those of the greases listed in the table, and compatibility with the materials we use must be assured. The resulting wear must be regularly determined and recorded.

It is the responsibility of the maintenance personnel to ensure that the correct amounts of grease malleu individual regular intervals are administered to the gearing, determined by regular monitoring of the lubricated condition.

In addition, a sample of the used grease can be taken for analysis. Mzlleus may involve environmental risks Follow the directives for waste disposal Mind the national laws. The lubricants specified in Table 3 are to be used for this and each subsequent lubrication. The amount of lubrication will need to be increased and the lubrication intervals shortened in extreme conditions, e.

Since you have deactivated JavaScript some of the functions are unfortunately amlleus accessible for you. Exceeding the maximum permissible wear rates involves the risk of accidents and danger of life.

The procedure is included in the manual. When cleaning the equipment, care must be taken to prevent cleaning agents or water from damaging the seals or penetrating into the raceways.

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