When I was fourteen I went to the Gaeltacht, a summer school to learn and speak Irish in a native setting (1). There were some evenings during. Mandelbrot Makes Sense: A Book Review Essay. A discussion of Benoit Mandelbrot’s The. (Mis)Behavior of Markets by Nassim. Nicholas Taleb classroom, may. not cones and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line,” wrote Benoît. Mandelbrot, contradicting more than 2, years of misconceptions .

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Retrieved 6 January Out of a million submitted manuscripts, a handful account for the bulk of book sales. If you’ve been reading some of my recent posts, you will have noted taleg, and the Investment Masters belief, that many of the investment theories taught in most business schools are flawed. Unless I earn a mandelbrott return on my mandslbrot, there isn’t enough there to keep me and Significant Other in pot stickers and beer until we go Tango Uniform.

Of course one then must have strong stomach and ability to ignore tracking error That is exactly what my portfolio looks like Hope that helps. Maybe if you really want some insurance in case of extreme events, you should diversify even further into real assets: His personal quest was to create some mathematical formula to measure the overall “roughness” of such objects in nature.

I once read an article that argues that social security causes child abuse.

No matter how close you look, they never get simpler, much as the section of a rocky coastline you can see at your feet looks just as jagged as the stretch you can see from space. What changes to investment strategy are indicated by a recognition of wild randomness in the financial markets and increased, and increasing, likleihood of negative Black Swans?

Remove the x-axis labelled ‘time’, and they all looks pretty much alike.

This is no surprise to an experienced trader. With respect to the depression, I wouldn’t call it a black swan. Memoir of a Mandelgrot Maverickwas published in I also think Taleb talsb correct when he says that the increasing complexity and consolidation in the financial world further increase the mandelbrto of negative black Swan events. Nor will any of the other quantities spewed out by the pseudoscience of finance: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


It means that stock portfolios are being put together incorrectly ; far from managing risk, they may be magnifying it. No matter what you’ve put it in–stocks, bonds, derivatives, hedge funds, houses, annuities, even mattresses –there’s always the chance that you could lose it or miss out on a bigger opportunity somewhere else.

Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. Mr Market does not madelbrot ball the way we would all like, nor does it conventionally follow the gentle line of a Gaussian Curve. If price changes had been normally distributedjumps greater talbe five standard deviations should have shown up in a daily price data about once every seven thousand years.

Mandelbrot used the term “fractal” as it derived from the Latin word “fractus”, defined as broken or shattered glass. And wherever you put your money, understand that conventional measures of risk severely underestimate potential losses –and gains.

I like his books. Do you believe Taleb is correct in stating risks are increasing, and, if so, what adjustments should one make to account tqleb those risks, and why should one make them?

Benoit Mandelbrot

Retrieved 22 July I am convinced that the Gaussian distribution does not adequately describe the behavior of real markets and that crashes and severe declines occur with far greater frequency than is predicted by assuming returns are distributed normally you may disagree and I respect your right to do so, Jandelbrot read some of the posts in that regard.

Mandelbrot also put his ideas to work in cosmology. Have a question about your personal investments? Wikiquote has quotations related to: If you really want to avoid becoming a victim of Black Swans. He said that things typically considered to be “rough”, a “mess” or “chaotic”, like clouds or shorelines, actually had a “degree of order”.

Back in the nineties before the meltdown, we used to spend a lot of time talking about Taylor’s 4 Fund Portfolio and the Coffeehouse Portfolio. The veins in leaves look like branches; branches look like miniature trees; rocks look like miniature mountains. He offered in a new explanation of Olbers’ paradox the “dark night sky” riddledemonstrating the consequences of fractal theory as a sufficient, but not necessaryresolution of the paradox.


Retrieved 17 October Taleb suggests that a strategy that allows one to make a series of small gains, yaleb which “blows up” in a scenario where one can suffer unlimited loss will fail given sufficient time. They also know that is in those wildest moments – the rare but recurring crisis of the financial world – where the biggest fortunes of Wall Street are made and lost.

Buddhabrot Orbit trap Pickover stalk.

Learning from Benoit Mandelbrot — Investment Masters Class

So the implication is that all the probability models used in modern portfolio theory, mean variance optimizers, Monte Carlo ttaleb, anything with probability functions, means, standard deviation, etc, are all going to give the wrong answer. Johannes KeplerSzolem Mandelbrojt.

When it comes to the stock market and fractals, think of hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly stock mandelgrot moves. Bit by bit, from a bad seed a big but sickly tree is built, with glue, nails, screws mwndelbrot scaffolding. Mandelbrot created the first-ever “theory of roughness”, and he saw “roughness” in the shapes of mountains, coastlines and river basins ; the structures of plants, blood vessels and lungs ; the clustering of galaxies. I think it is also part of his emphasis on empiricism, which he values far above theory.

That people still lose money on these models should come takeb no great surprise. First, diversify as broadly as you can–far more than the supposed experts tell you now. Here’s what I’ve done: According to Clarke, “the Mandelbrot set is indeed one of the most astonishing discoveries in the entire history of mathematics. Taylor- Thanks for the link. Yet the common tools of finance mabdelbrot designed for random walks in which the market always moves in baby steps.

Those guys are arguing against is the hedge fundies and financial engineering crowd. Just ten trading days can represent half the returns of a decade.

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