The SPH is a multi-row panoramic photography head. It has sliding plates to locate the camera over the panoramic axis of rotation, plus a sliding pla. Buy Used and Save: Buy a Used “Manfrotto SPH QTVR Spherical Panoramic Pro Head ” and save 54% off the $ list price. Buy with confidence as. Model: Manfrotto SPH. VR Head Type: Multi-Row Spherical Panoramic Tripod Mount. Weight: lb (2 kg). Dimensions: 32 cm. Load Capacity: 4 kg. Color.

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For it’s build quality it’s probably worth it. Manfeotto hassle of buying upgrades or anything. When we want to put the nodal point to the axis of rotation center we first of all need accurate measurements of its position. Long rails that can accommodate long zooms and mid-size telephoto lenses. Very sturdy and durable quality. Now, it remains in the bottom bar chand it must be prepared so that the lens center axis is at the center of the stand. There is also a great site for panoramas in Denmark that will tell you all you need to know.

Vertical arm and lower rail. For demonstration purposes two sets of panoramas were shot. But when it comes to the fact that this device can be used as a turntable for creating a VR object, manfrrotto it is mentioned in the manual as well, there is no real elaboration for how to do it exactly.

Personally I would rather have a shot of the nadir. You need to set the nodal point position manually, manffotto a lot of fortune. It is not who has impressed me, but 303zph it’s a solid object even if the cons are not few.

It’s heavier than most. The upper rotator assembly is well thought of with the ball-bearing washer. When I first stitched my first panorama it was parallax free. I personally prefer to be able to manfrotyo the nadir without the tripod in view.


This is due to a banded bearing 1 and cardboard type washer 2 between the vertical arm and rotator assembly. Our main business is not spherical photography.

For further details see delivery estimates in cart. If you’re planning on purchasing one of these and want it right away, depending where you are, it may be wise to order early if the store does not have it in stock.

Weight, size and cost should all be considered when purchasing this VR head. The manual is enough to give you a start ahead. You can select up to three heads to compare with Manfrotto SPH.

Talking about cost how much more is it to add a bubble level? I used it on a t5i with battery grip and the camera would move since there is nothing other than one mounting screw holding the camera in position. The lens is not set at the correct entrance pupil. With more than members, there is space for everyone, from the beginner to the professional.

But, the adjustments are done simply by loosening the bolts and sliding the plates by hand. Can not set the nodal point at the point of rotation with adequate precision. In short, a head designed by someone who never took the photo spheres, but not simple panoramic with details close to the camera that should be allinealti such as the paving of a square, for example.

I could go on to list building defects, but it seems clear that this is not SPH makes life easier but complicates.

Manfrotto 303 SPH : Specifications and Opinions

Be the first to review this item. From the small rough movies we could make in the late 90s to the huge super detailed full screen panoramas of today.


They’ve been around for mmanfrotto awhile. The first one was perfect. There are, however, certain points to consider: The lower image shows what is required for a nadir shot that will give you enough image to work with. For some reason I wasn’t surprise. The longer rails that comes with the VR head is probably suitable for most telephoto or zoom lenses.

Something this big no manufacturer is going to supply you with one. Then I pointed the camera down, as if I’m shooting the nadir, and adjusted the camera’s center focusing point on the pivotal screw of the Mmanfrotto head.

It did not take long to adjust the nodal point or other fine tuning. The images are to simply illustrate the length achievable on the upper arm of the SPH.

The rail demarcations are from. The value of this item is just great, purchasing this you get 3 systems in the price of one. If you have used this item, you can add your vote: What do you think about this head? Simple and effective entrance pupil adjustment.

Manfrotto SPH QTVR Spherical Panoramic Head Kit – SPH B&H

Slide the camera rail back down and adjust for the entrance pupil. The weight is not what I call heavy for my own hand, but for some people it might be considered heavy.

It was a bar of aluminum with 6 holes, a threaded to attack the support of the stand, the other to position the camera with a screw.

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